A Beginner’s Guide to Vacuum Trucks: Everything to Know

You can earn money or make construction site cleanup more straightforward with a vacuum truck.

Many companies or municipal officials may understand the utility of a vacuum truck as a street sweeper. However, they may not know that vacuum trucks have other highly beneficial uses.

By understanding the diverse functions of vacuum trucks, you can minimize the use of resources and boost worker productivity. More importantly, knowing more about vacuum trucks may help you make a more informed buying decision in the future.

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Keep reading to learn everything that you should know about vacuum trucks.

How Vacuum Trucks Work

The secret to vacuum trucks lies in the powerful liquid ring vacuum pumps that pull air out of tanks in the vehicle. When the pump removes the air from the tank, it creates a tremendous vacuuming force.

Now, when a worker opens the primary and secondary shut off valve, the vacuum force will try to equalize. As it does this, it will consume solids, liquids, or fluids on the ground.

If the driver were to hold the vacuum hydraulic hoses up in the air, the tank would equalize quickly. However, when used normally, the consumption of liquid and debris slows the process of equalization considerably.

Various Uses for Vacuum Trucks

Typically, companies and municipalities use vacuum trucks for moving wet and dry waste. However, organizations can also use vacuum trucks to remove brine water, clean oil spills or septic tanks, and clear congested drain systems.

Some debris is harmful to people in the surrounding area. Vacuum trucks are excellent at controlling odors and spills. There are also emergency spill clean up services which you can call in time like this.

The containment characteristics of a vacuum truck protect people and the environment from exposure to toxic materials. Because of these characteristics, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends vacuum trucks for the cleanup and transportation of biohazardous solids.

Vacuum trucks also work well for the disposal of waste materials. By using a Vacuum Excavation Truck to dispose of waste, you can reduce risk to public health and the environment. This kind of equipment is ideally suited for the disposal of waste materials.

If you want to see a vacuum truck in action and safeguarding public health, have a look at this story about how Vactor trucks help to protect the environment.

People are coming up with creative ways to use vacuum trucks. As a result, there is a growing demand for the equipment.

Whether new or used, vacuum trucks are becoming more popular than ever before. If you’re going to purchase a vacuum truck, however, you need to work on a budget first, but more on that in a moment.

Clearing Space With Hydro Excavation

There’s another great use for vacuum trucks. Construction firms can use vacuum trucks for hydro excavation. This practice involves using water to move earth.

Vacuum trucks are essential for this process. Hydro excavation is also increasing the popularity of vacuum trucks.

For example, companies might use Residential Hydrovac for exposing utility lines, installing safety lighting, trenching, or laying water lines. Companies can also use hydro excavation for environmental cleanups.

Municipalities can use hydro excavation for emergencies. For example, a city can use a vacuum truck to clean up after a water main break.

Increasingly, utility companies are burying service lines underground. These service lines cross city streets. This circumstance has increased the demand for vacuum truck excavators.

For nearly any utility job, contractors must expose buried lines in a nondestructive way before a new installation. Often, municipalities and utility companies hire vacuum truck owners to locate a new utility line. This kind of excavation is essential for mapping new utility lines accurately.

Municipalities and utility companies can also use hydro excavation for minor cleanups, potholing, and large excavation projects. They can also use hydro excavation to set up future projects.

Cities and companies prefer hydro excavating because it’s efficient. It involves moving less dirt and creates a smaller worksite footprint. Nevertheless, it gets the job done.

How to Budget for Vacuum Trucks

Before you start looking for a shiny new vacuum truck, you need to develop a budget. You may have a set price in mind, but you have to pay for more than just the truck.

For instance, you must think about the total cost of leasing or financing the vehicle over time. Don’t forget to include the cost of interest payments in your budget. You must also estimate the cost of liability and collision insurance.

When you’re budgeting for a vacuum truck, you’ll also want to work gas and oil costs into your estimate. You must also consider the cost of maintaining the vehicle. For instance, ongoing maintenance may include cleaning, hydraulic system service, tires and regular tune-ups.

A vacuum truck is a considerable investment. You need to estimate whether your organization can bear the cost of owning the vehicle. When creating your estimate, you need to assess whether your organization can afford the cost of ownership in addition to the upfront cost. By creating a full budget, you can find the right vacuum truck for your organization.

Also, check the manufacturer’s warranty for the vehicle and the reputation of the dealership. These are critical factors that will significantly affect the value of your purchase.

Consider a Vacuum Truck to Improve Your Operation

A vacuum truck is a fundamental tool for large-scale cleaning for construction and utility companies as well as municipalities. However, that’s not where the value of a vacuum truck ends. With some creative thinking, you can find remarkable uses for a vacuum truck.

Now that you know more about vacuum trucks, the next time you see a street sweeper, you’ll associate it with the ability to protect people and the environment, rather than as a machine solely for removing debris.

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