Michael Andrew Lauchlan: Real Estate Investing Success Strategies for 2020

Finding a career that we truly enjoy is much easier said than done. While we hear the importance of loving what you do, the act of doing so can be difficult. More often than not, many find themselves longing for a new career due to boredom, lack of a future, or lack of financial security. Real estate investing is unique because it’s a rewarding field that attracts many professionals looking for new business ventures.

As a leader in the real estate investment fields, Michael Andrew Lauchlan knows why. Not only is real estate investing a lucrative path, but also one that allows you to be creative and have the freedom to be your own boss. It’s with this experience that Michael Andrew Lauchlan is sharing real estate investing success strategies for 2020.

Why is real estate investing a popular field for entrepreneurs?

Most of us are looking for ways to improve our lives. From having more control over our schedules to earning a fair wage, real estate offers more opportunities than almost any other field. Entrepreneurs or budding entrepreneurs know the importance of establishing yourself in a field with opportunities like these, which is why we see so many likeminded individuals making a name for themselves in real estate investment. For example, the passive income rental property investing could potentially bring means financial freedom. To help you get started with your real estate investing, you may work with an experienced realtor.

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What should someone know before getting started as a real estate investor?

While there are a lot of benefits to real estate investing, it also takes a lot of work. Being an entrepreneur means long work days, creative thinking, and a lot of work. But if you’re willing to put in the work, you can be on your way to success in no time.

In Australia, making sure that you are provided with all details covering rental returns, strata fees, estimated capital growth and comparable sales data is important when you are negotiating property.

What is your favorite part of being a real estate investor?

Seeing the return on my hard work is, by far, the best part of being a real estate investor. I’ve always enjoyed connecting people with the perfect home and being able to embed myself in that process to ensure that my client is happy, never gets old.

What do you think 2020 will bring for the world of real estate investment?

I expect technology to play a larger role in real estate investing and to see a lot more opportunities to connect with people from around the world. With this expansion though, I think it’s more important than ever to be an innovator and creative in the field.

What is one thing you’ve learned as a leader in the real estate investment field?

Just keep going. There will be good days and bad days, as there are with any job. The difference here is that the good days are great, and the bad days mean that you’re making the proper mistakes to get better. Being an entrepreneur sometimes feels like you’re in this by yourself, so surround yourself with a good network who believes in you and what you are doing for your brand. It’s through this network that you will be able to do anything.