A Guide for Buying High-Potency CBD Oil

CBD, also referred to as cannabidiol, is a non-intoxicating extract of cannabis. Many consider it a miracle drug used to treat several ailments like anxiety, chronic pain, and cancer treatment. CBD oil is available in different concentrations like low-potency, medium-potency, and high-potency. This article is a guide to buying high-potency CBD oil.

What Is High-Strength CBD Oil?

High-strength CBD oil contains the highest concentration of cannabidiol. It is also referred to as 6000 mg CBD oil and is available in a 120 ml bottle. One ml of high-strength CBD oil contains 50mg of CBD. Here are a few tips for buying it. 

Find Out About the Brand

There are several CBD oil manufacturers, and not all products are similar in quality. You need to find information about the brand before buying high-strength CBD oil. Analyze every piece of information found about the brand on various online resources.

Don’t fall prey to advertisements or testimonials mentioned on their website or Facebook account as they can be untrue and misleading. You need to look for reviews posted by people who have used the product. Many CBD manufacturers are involved in guerilla marketing, where people are specifically hired to write positive reviews about the product. Hence, look for CBD oil reviews from bloggers you can trust. 

Check Label

After collecting brand information, check the label on the bottle. It should have an apparent reference to CBD content. Suppose the label mentions – Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil. In that case, it might only contain hemp seed oil that does not offer the benefits of cannabidiol. Stay away from such products. 

The second important thing is the label should mention all ingredients in the high-potency CBD oil. The label should contain words like certified CBD, Phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR), Hemp-Derived/Hemp Oil, Pure Cannabinoids, and Full Spectrum. 

The third important thing to check is the concentration of CBD in the product. You need to understand the product’s concentration, like 20 mg of CBD per ml of oil.

Find Out About Laboratory Tests

Laboratory tests are an essential part of a CBD product. Most manufacturers get their products tested from 3rd party laboratories and mention the test results on the product label. The absence of laboratory tests information on the label is a red flag and could indicate counterfeit products. 

Without a certificate of analysis from a laboratory, it is hard to determine whether the product is genuine. The laboratory test result generally mentions the concentration of cannabidiol and THC.

Buy THC-Free CBD Oil 

The legal status of CBD oil depends on the percentage of psychoactive substances. Every country’s law allows a specific percentage of psychoactive substances in the CBD product. For example, UK laws permit not more than 0.2% of psychoactive substances.

Most CBD products in the US contain 0.3% or less psychoactive substances. Check the FDA website to know about the permitted concentration of THC in the product. 

To sum up, you need to buy good quality CBD oil to experience its benefits. Buying a substandard product only increases the likelihood of side effects without the benefits.