A Step-By-Step Guide to Throwing an Unforgettable Bachelor Party

Whether you’re planning your first bachelor party or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s nothing wrong with doing a little research to ensure everyone has fun.  From the countless ways you can enjoy a drink and a smoke with your friends, to the endless opportunities for those who want to kill a man, I could. If you also want to hire an escort for the bachelor’s celebrant as a surprise, visit Escorts in Plainfield New Jersey.

Plan By Months, and Set Up a Good List of People

Planning can be the most important part of any gathering. Make sure that you’ve planned for this for at least five to six months in advance. Although you can get something together sooner, thorough planning means you can be sure this will turn out exactly how you wanted, and anything that doesn’t work out can be solved ahead of time.

Pick a list of people the groom will want to spend his last night before marriage with.  This doesn’t have to be a massive party; keep it down to five to ten guests to ensure that there isn’t an overwhelming number of people to deal with.

Take this time also to figure out what the budget is.  Although it would be best if all drinks and fun were already paid for, if it’s not in the budget, ask the group if they mind paying for their own drinks so that you can shave that five hundred to thousand off of the budget.

First Location Should Be Somewhere Safe to Leave Cars

The first location everyone meets at should be a safe location to leave cars that everyone can return to.  The best choice for this is the best man’s house if he’s the one throwing the party.  You can pregame here, party a little: and break the ice, so everyone’s already in a good mood.

You may hire limo services to take you between locations so that you can enjoy it as much as possible without having to feel like you have to avoid drinking so you can drive.  A limo rental can cost $70 to $150 an hour.  You should budget $500 to $1,000 for the night so that this driver can make sure you get everywhere safely for the full night. Ultimate Town Car provides a fleet of impressive limousines for your needs. You may also need to find Luxury Wedding Day Car Rentals for the actual wedding day.

Second Location Should Dazzle But Be No More than a 20 Minute Drive

The distance between locations shouldn’t be too long, or it’ll feel boring having to go from location to location.  Make sure there’s still fun to be had in the limo, from exciting snacks or drinks (alcohol is legal in the back of a limo!) to awesome adults entertainment you can hire just for the car ride.

The second location can be somewhere like a cigar club, bar, or some other location to enjoy drinks and a classy location.

Third Location Should Be Reckless Fun in a Controlled Environment

Reckless fun is different for everyone!  This could mean a strip club for some or an escape room for others.  Or for a fun and unique experience, rent a Tiki Bachelor Party Boat with an extended deck perfect for dancing! Make sure that everyone’s having fun and nobody is too drunk. Party and have a good time here until your time is up.

Final Location Is Where You Started: Have Plans for Rides Home

Finally, have the ride take you back to the first location.  From here, you can decide who needs to get dropped off at their home by the limo driver and who is sober and can drive.  When in doubt, have a driver take them home.