Another Easy way Homeowners can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

With a strong awareness of global warming and an increasing amount of innovation from the private sector, homeowners have easier opportunities to make their lifestyles more eco-friendly now than ever. Homeowners that are concerned about Co2 levels and want to participate in decreasing toxic emissions in the atmosphere can do so without having to break the bank on solar panels or electric generators. 

Instead, homeowners can make a one-time purchase of quality insulated windows that increase the quality of their lives by living in more comfortable temperatures while largely reducing the amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. In a recent study, homeowners that replace their old windows with insulated ones reduced anywhere from 1,006 to 6,205 tons of carbon a year. Since insulated windows preserve the home’s temperature, the AC/Furnace needs to use less energy when the temperature is preserved for longer.

Once homeowners install these windows, there is nothing they need to do on their end going forward. While insulated windows may be pricey for some, they are one of the easiest ways homeowners can become more eco-friendly. Homeowners can be assured that insulated windows stand the test of time as they passively reduce their carbon footprint. 

The Value of Windows