Easy Ways To Have A More Eco Friendly Home

People are now highly interested in the eco friendly lifestyle. Everything starts at home, with how we live. Unfortunately, knowing what to do is not at all something that is common knowledge. Fortunately, there are various things that can be done in order to have a more eco friendly home. Here are some that you should seriously take into account as they are pretty simple.

Increase Recycling And Use Less Paper

We now rely much more on digital technology so it is the perfect time to start using less paper and increase recycling. If you use less paper, there is less paper that is produced. This is really important since it can automatically positively impact the environment. 17 mature trees can be saved for every single 0.91 tons of paper that is recycled. Remember that over 40% of all municipal solid waste is made out of paper products. Creating paper through used and recycled sheet is much easier than from trees.

Get Plants In Your Home

Having plants inside your home is nowadays so much simpler than it used to be. You can use services like Exapta to help you easily find all the planting parts needed. In many cases you do not even need that much soil and most of the plants that you would grow inside your home are very easy to take care of.

Start Using Canvas Bags

There are many stores now that give you access to a canvas bag alternative that you can use instead of wasteful paper bags and generic plastic. Canvas bags will cost a little more but they are incredibly useful. They are really sturdy and will hold more goods. In addition, you can take advantage of these bags as you pack items during a move or when storing items. Basically, the canvas bags will be used and re-used, based on personal preference.

Compost Bin Or Pile

All throughout America we see compost bins as a growing trend. These help reduce waste since you re-use things that you tend to toss out. At the same time, money is saved since you use compost to grow the plants inside your garden. You no longer need to buy really expensive compost as your own can be created out of the things that you normally throw away.

However composting tools are often taken for granted or overlooked entirely in the larger gardening scheme, but their importance shouldn’t be ignored. Regardless of your ultimate goal, the composting process is easier if you have the right backyard composting tools or equipment for they help the process take place more efficiently!

Use Appropriate Light Bulbs

When you have a light bulb that has to be replaced, choose a brand that is more eco friendly. The old bulbs can easily be replaced with CFL bulbs. These bulbs will last around 5 times longer and will u se a lot less electricity than the incandescent bulbs you are used to. They are also a lot brighter so you can use fewer lamps inside the home.

Cut Down On Home Energy

Try to do all that you can to cut back on home electricity use. One way to do this by hiring a heating contractor to regularly service your heating system and improve its energy-efficiency. You end up saving a lot of money and in the long run you can also protect nature as you do so. Lower the thermostat during winter and turn off the lights whenever they are not used.