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Big Data vs Data Science

Among various directions related to digital technologies, two trends stand out as the most popular and promising: big data and data science. While these concepts are clear to experts, many laypersons misinterpret and confuse them. Let us outline the definitions and compare big data and data science. Any data science consulting company will easily point

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How To Host An Awesome Conference

Organizing a successful conference involves meticulous preparation, and the intricacies of planning a conference are often overlooked in discussions. While sending out invitations may seem straightforward, securing commitments from industry-leading experts to speak is a distinct and challenging aspect of the process. Setting up the place such as getting the right tier seating for the

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NBA Free Pick Predictions

What are they and how can they help you? Did you know that the entire NBA is worth an estimated 75.8 billion dollars? With over 460 games played in the regular season every October to August, the NBA is a profitable endeavor that you too can join in on and take advantage of using sites

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