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Branding in Business

Branding in Business Branding is about turning a product or service into a recognizable market name. A company can use branding to create an emotional connection with customers. The emotional connection may be related to the product. It can also be related to their perception of themselves through association with the product or brand. So

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4 Reasons Why Food Trucks Are Popular For Weddings

The Growth of the Food Industry

Factors Affecting the Growth of the Fast Food Industry The fast food industry has been the backbone of the American economy for many years, and it is projected to remain so in the years to come. These factors include the technological change in restaurant services and governmental regulations allowing greater marketing privileges than other industries.

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Utilizing Demographic Studies

How to utilize demographic studies  A demographic study is an approach that helps businesses create a better understanding of their customers. This can be done by collecting personal information through surveys, intercepting personal data at the point of purchase, and gathering information from social media. Every company wants to know how to improve its products

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carlos beirao da veiga benefits of ecommerce

Carlos Beirao da Veiga On the Benefits of Strengthening E-Commerce in a Post-Covid World

Marketer Carlos Beirao da Veiga praises the benefits of pivoting to e-commerce in a post-COVID world. He urges his clients to upgrade their online positioning by balancing digital and traditional advertising. A Portugal native, Carlos Beirao da Veiga provides superior marketing services to clients in Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.  “I advise entrepreneurs on how

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