BarxBuddy: Does This Anti-Barking Device Really Work?

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Are you working from home? Do you have young children that spend their days napping? Do you simply enjoy a little peace and quiet from time to time? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, a barking dog could be an incredible inconvenience, Spectrum Canine Dog Training in Bay Area can help you with this behavior in your dog.

While you might be concerned that there is no solution to having a peaceful household while your best furred friend is living with you, the reality is that it might be easier to train your dog than you think, you just have to look for online dog training courses on the internet. Moreover, as Lily Bennett of KarmaPets has mentioned, the best way to avoid the nightmare of having to deal with the unbearable noise of a barking dog, especially at night, is to incorporate the dog bark control into your home. It will help keep your home peaceful, and the barking will be put off in a humane, effortless way

The BarxBuddy anti-barking device knows that training your dog can be difficult. If you’ve found yourself wandering around a pet store unsure of what device, treat, or class will be best for your pup, BarxBuddy has the solution for you.

By using positive reinforcement methods preferred by many professional animal trainers and the use of easy-to-use training devices, BarxBuddy ensures that you are setup for success. The question is: does the BarxBuddy anti-barking device really work?

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Many dog owners’ first priority when choosing a training method is the safety of their pet – and for good reason! Many pet owners say that they have given up training after they felt that they were damaging their relationship with their pup through strict or uncomfortable training methods that they’d been instructed to use. Looking for the best training methods for your dog, you may view this Ridgeside K9 Denver puppy training post to learn more!

In reality, training your dog should be a positive experience for both pup and pup owner! BarxBuddy is a safe pet training device that uses a high-pitched noise to simply grab your dog’s attention when it has been diverted elsewhere. This high-pitched frequency works to refocus your pup’s attention without doing any damage to your dog… or anyone else for that matter!

To make sure you’re on the right path, check out Cesar Millan’s “Do’s And Don’ts Of Positive Reinforcement.”


You might be wondering… How does a high-pitched noise help to train your dog? Training is broken into two components, reinforcing good behaviors and maintaining focus on good behaviors. 

Realistically, the first part is the easiest. Training your dog to sit, stay, and roll over (or any other behavior!) with treats and play time can be fun for both pet and owner. However, the difficulty is in keeping your dog focused on you. 

From other dogs, a ringing doorbell, or simply new smells outside, trained behaviors can go out the window fast if you are less reinforcing than the distractions around you. The BarxBuddy pet trainer works to help that by emitting its high-pitched frequency and grabbing your pup’s attention. Once you have their attention, you can reinstate your furred friend’s training through positive reinforcement. Get detailed information at Pet Parents.


While you might be deterred by the idea of a training “device”, BarxBuddy is so easy and safe to work that even children can use it! Designed to go with you on walks, to the dog park, or anywhere else with your pup, BarxBuddy has a handle that slips over your wrist to take with you on adventures with your pup. If you are a first-time dog owner, you’re probably wondering When Is The Right Age To Start Training Your Dog? To help, you can seek help from an expert dog trainer as soon as you feel it’s time to start dog training and don’t know how to go about it.

With it’s simple to use, one-button design, you can emit the high-frequency noise on the BarxBuddy device easily in any circumstance allowing you to be training-ready wherever and whenever necessary!