Going Back to School? 5 Must-Know Online Education Tools for Returning Students

According to data gathered in 2017, 6.6 million students were enrolled in online courses at postsecondary institutions. With COVID-19, restrictions have forced us to think even more digitally. If you’re one of those returning to school online, you’ll want to make the most of it.

While the teachers are gathering and preparing some Distance Learning Resources for Teachers, you can also prepare some tools for your online classes. With these must-know online education tools, you’re sure to pass those classes with flying colors!

1. Grammarly

One of the easiest online tools to use is Grammarly. This is a free online grammar checker. Add this tool to your browser and it will automatically check for errors in your writing, you should try taking an architecture summer course to learn before uni.

It will help shave down your editing and proofreading time dramatically. With their service, they check for correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery. Plus, your spelling and grammar errors will be highlighted right away. Have fun playing word games like Twist Tool that will help you learn more words too.

They do offer a premium service that will help with passive voice, word choice, punctuation, and more. Your writing will greatly improve with this education tool. The teachers at https://www.pcsclassical.com really understand a classical education approach.

2. Quizlet

Quizlet allows you to make online flashcards. You’ll save the paper and be able to create them much faster. Plus, you can take them anywhere using your mobile device.

Often, there are flashcards already made for topics and even certain classes. These are a great way to study material and check to see how well you have retained your knowledge.

3. Math Calculator

Math can be a tricky subject when you’re going through online classes. You can make it easier with the help of an online calculator. These digital tools can do much more advanced calculations than your standard calculator.

This helpful page provides you with multiple different types of math calculators. Some online calculators can give you the gradient or slope of a line. It will even walk you through the process once you punch your numbers in.

4. Duolingo

This next tool is for those of you who are attempting to learn a second language. It’s free to use and has 38 languages to choose from. Learning is turned into a fun game through this helpful platform called Duolingo.

Your teacher may even involve it in your class. It’s easy to stay motivated, compete against friends, and get personalized lessons. If you want your kids to learn a second language extensively, you may enroll them at a bilingual school.

5. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is an amazing online education tool that will turn your studying into fun. You can create games and compete against others over material that you are learning. You’ll be able to build timed quizzes with your study material.

Share your quizzes with others in your class. Your teacher can even incorporate them into the class to get everyone involved. This will take some of that boring and mundane learning away.

Earn Your Online Degree With the Help of Education Tools

These online tools are sure to get you started in the right direction. Remember that you are never alone with e-learning. There are millions of students out there who are going through the same process as you. You’ll earn that degree in no time! Course Nerd aims to make online learning as easy as possible.

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