Benefits of Hiring a Local Commercial Cleaning Company Over a Franchise

As an office manager or a company owner, you understand how important it is to maintain the workspace clean and organized. With the help of a commercial cleaning business, you can relax knowing that your staff is safe and healthy working in a clean atmosphere.

A reputable services like the Best Cleaning – Commercial Beaverton can help any businesses in maintaining an organized and spotless environment which makes a good first impression that lasts as well. You’d want your customers and partners to feel welcome and at ease when they visit your office. In other words, hiring office cleaners not only ensures an impeccable workspace, but also a clean reputation!

Once you make a decision to hire a commercial cleaning company, you face your next choice: whether to partner up with a locally owned company or a franchised one.

While both options come with their pros and cons, hiring local businesses seems to come with greater benefits.

Here are a few good reasons to work with a commercial cleaning service in your area.

Supporting Your Community

The trend of supporting small, locally owned businesses has been growing for some time. And it’s no longer simply a fad; it’s now a genuine quality seal. According to Forbes, 54% of consumers prefer to support local farmers by purchasing foods that are produced from their area and are of high quality.

The same is true when collaborating with small local companies. People are more likely to conduct business with a brand that really cares about them and their neighborhood. By partnering with local commercial cleaning services, you’re helping your town and investing in your community.

If you’re still not convinced, keep in mind that half of Americans say their primary motivation for shopping small and local is to retain money in their community.

Attentive Care

Local businesses are simply more concerned with their clients — your business is not just a number on their sheet or a check that needs to be marked on a to-do list, which tends to happen with large franchises.

A smaller client base allows them to focus more time on each client. For them, quantity is less important than quality. Conversely, franchised businesses have a certain amount of time each day they must spend on each project (customer) to meet their quota.

Smaller businesses are more attentive to your requirements and treat every client with more care. If you have any impediment, they’ll get back to you quickly and value your time. If you have a problem with a product or service, you’re likely to talk directly to the company’s CEO. On the other hand, if you need to contact a franchise, you’ll first have to dial their 1-800 phone number in order to get to a customer service agent.

Reputation is also something local businesses deeply care about. They value their customers and can’t afford to lose them. Franchised cleaning companies, on the contrary, have so many clients that they can easily replace any terminated contract.

Customized Services

With so many customers and rigid work plans, it’s simple for a franchise to say no to your out-of-box request. Franchises often provide packages rather than personalized cleaning solutions.

When you hire a local cleaning company, you probably won’t be forced to pick a pre-packaged deal that you might not need or want.

Do you work a schedule that differs from the norm? Perhaps you have particular cleaning product demands, such as which ones you want to use or which ones you want to avoid. A local cleaning service is more likely to accommodate your particular requirements. Their clients come first, so they’ll do all it takes to meet your requirements and ensure your satisfaction.

A Trustworthy Team

Hiring a professional cleaning firm generally entails allowing someone access to your property after business hours, when no one is around. Cleaning services in Wichita advise business owners and managers to never partner up with a cleaning company they don’t fully trust.

Franchised companies usually don’t have time to do detailed research of their applicants’ backgrounds. As a result, it often means their employees don’t have the right skills to perform good quality cleaning. Even worse, their workers could end up damaging your equipment or stealing from you.

When it comes to recruiting new employees, local businesses put more time in. They care about who they choose and how well they function as a team.

How To Choose a Local Cleaning Company

While there are many commercial cleaning companies that run their business with the same care and attention as a local company does, it is often not the case.

Choosing the right option for your business is a really tough task that carries a lot of responsibility, so do detailed research before closing any deals.

Make sure they offer the services you need and always ask for a price quote beforehand. A good practice is to ask around and try to find their previous clients for a first-hand recommendation. Get familiar with the way they handle customer care and what type of training they provide for their employees.

This will give you a broader picture of the way they operate, and you may gain a sense of trust (or distrust) more easily — which is, in the end, the most essential factor.