How to Make Money From Your Backyard Garden

There is little doubt that the global pandemic has affected every country in the world. Alongside millions of deaths, there have been millions of people that have had their lives turned upside down. The result has been a serious look at what is important in life and in alternate ways of generating an income.

For many people, the emphasis is on finding ways to make a little extra with minimal outlay. Fortunately, if you have a garden you can make money from it for next to nothing.

The Cost Of Backyard Gardening

Most people already have the tools they need to start gardening, all they need is to learn how to use them and is when sites like can be really useful for this. However, unless you have perfectly soft soil you will benefit from investing in rock augers. These make it much easier to dig in rocky soils and create planting holes. If your gardening to improve the aesthetic appeal of your backyard, you may consider adding a Hardscaping Accent Installation.

The only other costs you may be facing would be the purchase of plants, if needed, and your time. It is worth noting that backyard gardening is time-consuming. If you want to make a little money from it you are going to need to enjoy gardening, and for the driveway having the right paving is also essential and you can Review the driveway paving and patio glossary. Their gallery contains previous work + more modern paving ideas for this.


One of the easiest approaches to making money is to plant seeds in the spring. All you have to do is plant the seeds that you usually would and then plant a few extra. You can nurture all the plants together with a Smart Release Plant Food and when they become seedlings sell them to your neighbors, friends, and at the local market.

The rarer your plants are the better!

Fruit & Veg

An alternative approach is to concentrate on growing as much fruit and veg as you possibly can and then selling it as it becomes ready. You can spread the word around your community and set up a stall in your driveway. This makes it easy to sell your fruits and vegetables while still looking after them.

It will be hard for anyone to find fresher fruit than that!

If you have children you can even get them to set up and man the stall. Of course, they’ll probably want a little of your profit!

Keep Chickens

If you’re not convinced that gardening is for you then consider fencing a section of your garden in and learn how to raise chickens. With the right conditions, chickens can lay eggs for most of the year. This means you can get plenty of eggs to eat and you can sell any excess you have.

There is always a demand for fresh organic eggs, simply putting a sign on your driveway will probably be enough to get customers and start earning you a little money.

Final Thoughts

It is surprisingly easy to get started selling things from your back garden and you can make a little extra money. But, don’t forget to check local regulations and comply with them. In addition, you should also remember that growing food and producing eggs will reduce your shopping bill. That’s effectively earning you money by stopping you from needing to spend it. In short, a win-win situation.