Understanding How Dangerous House Fires Really Are

If you have any doubts regarding the dangers presented by a house fire then consider this, more than fifty people die in Australia every year because of house fires. The really sad part is that most of these deaths are preventable.

The simple answer is that fire kills. But, it’s not just the actual fire that kills. In fact, the smoke produced by fires is responsible for more deaths than the fire itself.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. Disorientation

The smoke from a hose fire is thick and dark. This is because it is burning a variety of materials. The smoke rapidly rises, meaning that even if you’re upstairs you’ll quickly find the hallway filled with smoke. 

If you step into the smoke you won’t be able to see very far. This means you’ll be disorientated and could be heading toward the fire instead of away from it. 

  1. Breathing

Being disorientated increases the risk of you going toward a fire. But the real problem is that the smoke is toxic. Because it is a result of many different substances, there will be a variety of unsavory ingredients n the smoke. This can cause your eyes to sting and prevent the oxygen from getting into your lungs or from your lungs into your blood. 

In other words, the smoke can literally suffocate you.

Aside from the obvious risk of being burnt by the flames, the toxicity of the smoke is the main reason you are told never to go into a burning building.

Buying Yourself Time

The best approach is not to have a house fire. But this is something you have limited control over. You can remove flammable material and have your electrics inspected regularly to reduce the risk.

But, you should also invest in some aids from your local fire safety equipment suppliers. The most important of these is your smoke detector. These should be fitted to every level of your home and tested regularly. If a fire occurs the smoke detectors are your first line of defense, they will alert you to the issue. 

Alongside this, you need to consider having smoke curtains installed. These are slim contraptions fitted to your ceiling. They are linked to your fire system, when it goes off a curtain drops halfway down the room. It’s made of a special material that can withstand heat for a short period. It also captures the smoke, slowing its spread.

This, along with your fire alarm, buys you enough time to get safely out of your home. Remember, don’t go back into a burning house.

The Dangers Of House Fires

House fires are deadly. The fire can burn you and kill you, it will be painful. The smoke can also kill you but this may be a slower process. Some escape the fire only to succumb to the smoke later on. There are even some instances that may require some confined space rescue.

The threat is real. You may not be able to completely prevent a fire from happening. But, the right equipment such as smoke alarms and fire extinguishers and a fire escape plan can help to ensure you and your family gets out safely. Those whose homes have been damaged by a house fire may still salvage their property with the help of a fire damage restoration company.