Best Practices to Effective Network Monitoring and Management

When you have any network that needs looking after, you have to take great care to do so properly. That means you need to monitor the network in order to heighten security, so that you are reducing the amount of risk it is exposed to greatly. You can consider using an sd-wan solution. Here are some of the most important principles you need to follow in order to ensure effective networking monitoring and process management in your organization.

Set Alerts

It’s important to know how the network generally behaves, so you can set a range of alerts for when something is amiss. Once you have a baseline and a number of alerts, you are already going to be doing plenty in order to try and keep the network online, as you’ll have a kind of early warning system should anything go wrong. You can therefore troubleshoot potential issues early, before a real failure occurs.

Use the Right Tools

In order to ensure the best possible networking monitoring and management, you have to be very careful about what tools you use. The best tools will enable you to have end-to-end network visibility, so you can determine the root cause of any incident that may arise. You will want to have a network topology map to make this process even easier, and so you can see where problems are occurring specifically.

Configuration Management

You will often find that the most egregious problems in a network stem from poor configuration management. Incorrect configurations mean that the network is not going to operate in the right way, whereas if you can standardized configurations this is going to be much less of a problem on the whole. It also helps to avoid unauthorized changes in the system – one of the main problems in any network.

Alert System

How you respond to network issues as they arise is often going to indicate how likely the network management is to be a good mode of operation. In essence, one of the most important things you need to have is an alert system, whereby you know who exactly is going to be alerted when a problem arises, and how the alert will escalate through different levels of people. This gives personal responsibility while ensuring that there is a clear protocol for dealing with failures in the system.

Remediate Network Problems

If you want to take more of a proactive approach to your network management, then one of the best things you can do is to enable an auto-remediation of some of the more common issues that tend to arise in the network. That is going to save time and keep downtime to a minimum, while making life so much easier for everyone who needs to respond to the problems at hand.

If you take these points on board, you are going to have an effective network that is monitored right and has strong management. Plus, if you make use of a reputable managed IT services team, you will find that all of this is so much easier still.