Using Neon Signs To Attract New Customers

LEDs, neon and digital signage is flashy and attracts attention. New York and Las Vegas are good examples of places that house neon signs and use them to attract people to their businesses.  

Why use neon signs?

One of the reasons companies use neon signs is that they instantly attract customers. Personalized illuminated signs are essential for companies because they help attract new customers to your premises. Neon signs also attract attention because customers can see them even in daylight. 

Designing your neon sign

Before you design your custom signs (unless you just want a simple sign), make sure you understand all the things that you need to put on it and the colours you will use. Although you want to attract visitors you don’t want to annoy other people around you. Potential customers will look at the neon signs to see if your business is open and to see your actions so that you can use this to your advantage. It is also a good way for a person to have a look at what you are offering, even if they are not planning on purchasing right then.

Also, don’t be afraid to put up too many neon signs if you need to do so to ensure that potential customers are processing exactly what is advertised. 

Why are neon signs popular?

Illuminated advertising is the preferred advertising tool because it has the ability to create an eye catching design with bold colour and brightness. A good sign could be a simple two-tone sign that has no block letters, instead of a garish neon sign with bright colors. It will depend on your needs and your business. This is the best way to design a sign to attract your target audience, not only in terms of color, but also in terms of the type of sign itself. 

Newer technology

You could also think about replacing your old neon signs with the new LED Neon Flex technology, in order to step into the future of business marketing. Experts in neon signs would be happy to assist you in developing the perfect neon signs to attract new customers to your company. Neon Mama neon signs can provide all types of neon designs including Japanese, traditional and modern designs.

Where can you use a neon sign?

If you own a nightclub, pharmacy, restaurant or bar, for example, you could use eye-catching, colourful neon signs to help you stand out from your competitors. Since customers’ eyes are naturally drawn to the colours and light, a neon sign will increase your presence in a crowded street full of competitors, and it’s a brilliant way to draw attention to your brand name and attract people walking down the street who may not be aware of it. While things like neon signs always entice customers to enter your business in the face of competition, advertising – from neon signs on higher priced items – can encourage people to buy your product instead of buying it on lower margins.

This includes neon signs that clearly identify your restaurant and provide instant advertising to attract new customers to grow the restaurant.Some companies produce amazing works of art that provide the perfect opportunity not only to attract new customers but to create a landmark. 

Creating a buzz

If you are trying to attract more foot traffic to your restaurants or promote new store locations, a neon sign is a good way to do so. Striking neon signs can also generate free advertising by encouraging customers to take a photo at your venue and post it on Instagram. These days everyone has a smartphone and connects to social media with selfies or snaps of interesting objects. Your carefully designed neon sign might end up being shown on numerous websites. 

Advertising physically small locations

If your space is small and your shopfront narrow, your business has a competitive advantage when it uses a neon sign to attract light. While some neon signs serve as an entrance to establish themselves, most people are fascinated by light, and that can attract them and stop them walking by. 


If you opt for a custom neon sign, you may find that your business is growing dramatically. Not only will you get many more customers who would not otherwise be in business, but your restaurant will attract more customers than ever before. One of the most important advantages of illuminating a store with neon signs is its attractiveness and increasing popularity. Attract new customers and turn their heads with a neon sign because your neon sign signals to everyone that you are open for business.