Brand Consistency and Hyper-Personalization: The Keys to Success

There are two crucial customer-facing strategies that are dominating the modern business world: consistent branding and hyper-personalization. In a market where competition is severe, a company’s identity—which encompasses its messaging, values, and overall reputation—can help it stand out. However, the vast majority of company’s (90%) find it difficult to keep their branding consistent. Businesses will need to focus on maintaining the same voice across all of their channels, including websites, social media, and emails. 

Hyper-personalization is also a key strategy, as customers are much more likely to purchase when they are having their individual preferences met, rather than just being bombarded with general advertising. Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a vital role in the hyper-personalization space. It is able to evaluate real time customer data to help drive these personalized suggestions, which then translate to huge revenue boots. 

Several companies, such as easyJet, Cadbury, and Spotify, are outstanding examples of the power of hyper-personalization. All have released their own personal spins on the concept of creating tailored customer experiences, from email campaigns to curated product recommendations. Spotify Wrapped is particularly creative, where users can share their most listened to artists and genres on social media platforms. There is no single correct way to execute this strategy, but some form of it is necessary for success.

How Strong Brand Consistency Drives Brand Success
Source: BrandGuard