The Range of Modern Bully Dog Breeds

When thinking of a bully breed, a few things may come to mind. Usually, what one will think of is a strong stocky dog with a wrinkled face and a short-coat. The French Bulldog fits this description, as does the American Bully, and the Boxer. However, not every bully breed fits each of these criteria. 

For instance, many people don’t realize that the lanky and large Great Dane is also a bully breed. While the short-coat and wrinkled face fit, the Great Dane is anything but stocky. In the same vein, the Dogo Argentino, a newly recognized bully breed, fits all criteria but one. It is short-coated, strong, stocky, but has a much less wrinkled face than other bullies. Bull Terriers and other more sleek bully breeds tend to fit this category of bully breeds well.
This is all to say that while bully breeds are pretty instantly recognizable, their qualities are certainly not universal. The modern bully breed has become quite popular. In fact, bully breeds make up the most popular dog breed in 21 states today. Even pit bulls are actually just any dog breed consisting of multiple bully breeds. Bully breeds are versatile, reliable, smart, and in many cases, very well-behaved. This is the range of the modern bully dog breed.

The Most Popular Bully Breeds in the United States