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Keeping Meetings on Track

Keeping Meetings on Track Keeping track of meetings is vital if you want to manage your time and get work done effectively. In the same way that you should take note of all other aspects of life, you should also note what happens at every meeting. According to pain management specialist Jordan Sudberg, this will

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Designing Work That People Love

Designing Work That People Love Record numbers of people are quitting their jobs. Why? It’s because many people today don’t want to show up to work. They want a more personalized, satisfying and creative professional experience where they can express themselves. Why are workplaces becoming soul-sucking places? As the economy shifts and more businesses compete

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How Performance Management Helps Your Employees

Evaluations. Assessments. Surveys. Reviews. All of these are intended to help employees perform better, but often they fall flat. Regular performance management is key to ensuring your organization is not only successful, but also taking care of its most important assets: the human element. Managing the human element is a tough, challenging endeavor, but one

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