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Military Technology: Past, Present & Future

Ever since nations have existed, they have set apart a certain amount of their people to form a military. They were tasked with only one job, to protect and defend their people from anyone and anything.                                                            Source: Pinterest With militaries, come weapons. Over the ages, weaponry and instruments used by militaries have significantly improved. They

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10 Tips to Having a Secure Home

Many of us are in constant fear of our safety even though we have a roof over our heads and a good sturdy door at the entrance. Predicting crimes is inevitable and as civilians, all we can do is take precautions to avoid the consequences of the ruthless actions of intruders.  If you notice any

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How to be Aware of Phishing Scams

There are many scams around, and malicious hackers go to great lengths to acquire your personal data. Criminals can use personal data for identity theft, but it is also sold on the dark web to the highest bidder.  One of the most effective methods of data extraction is “Phishing.” Read below for more details regarding:

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The Basic Chemicals Making Chemical Products

Chemical products are manufacturing establishments produced through chemical processes. These chemical products are grouped into three categories: basic chemicals such as alkalies, acids, organic chemicals, and salts; chemicals that can be used in further manufacturing of plastic materials, synthetic fibers, pigments, and colors; and finished chemical products used for ultimate consumption such as cosmetics, soaps,

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Who Wrote the Book of Revelation?

Mankind’s journey towards an ultimate destiny has been full of trials and tribulations. The countless wars, famines, and pestilences that mankind has faced in the past have been largely responsible for shaping the current state of the world. While humanity has achieved much in the last few centuries, much still remains to be done. From

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Adding a little Personalized to your Walkers can boost mood

Tips for a Secure Retirement

Tips for a Secure Retirement The plain fact, according to many experts, including Judge Napolitano, the former New Jersey Supreme Court Judge and frequent TV commentator, is that many people will be forced to work until they die. It’s true. According to statistics, the average baby boomer at 65 years of age, which is when

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