Celebrity Halloween Hair Extremes: What to Expect in 2018

The ponytail has Arrived — arrived as a stand-alone icon, as a pop culture icon, and as a battle flag for the #MeToo movement. In Australia clip-on ponytail sales skyrocketed fifty percent when Ariana Grande appeared with one on her recent tour. The new ambitious updos are startling, bold, easy on the scalp, and headline-making. Naturally when something this simple and easy to use becomes a talking point at the office and Starbucks, it’s time to put it to good use for Halloween.  

To make a Kylie Jenner Birthday Bash ponytail, like the one she wore this year when she officially became old enough to turn up her nose at domestic wine, just use a combination of tinsel and bleached crepe hair from the local costume shop. It should reach to the buttocks when installed.

Beyonce’s massive braided ponytail gives a woman that sense of mastery and power that Attila the Hun so cherished when flaying the skin off an enemy. To achieve the same effect without declaring bankruptcy, check out the local wig shop and/or costume shop for a Viking coiffure — usually glued to a cheap plastic Viking helmet. Cut the braids from the crummy helmet and weave into the back of the head to become Miss Power Personified.