Hottest Concept Cars of 2018

While it’s still too early to tell just what kind of concept cars will be revealed next February at the big auto show in Detroit, some idea of what’s to come is already on the drawing board both in the United States and overseas. It’s true that a concept car can look great and perform great and still never go into mass production; but there’s always at least one take away from the newest batch of concept cars that come down the pike. And they give the public a clear view of what the major automakers are planning for the future of the horseless buggy. The biggest concepts to be floated so far, of course, have been the self-driven car and the fully electric battery operated vehicle.

For those who prefer not to pay for crystal ball gazing or ouija board prognostications, here are some of the real deals when it comes to concept vehicles unveiled earlier this year. Will anyone actually be driving these things down Main Street anytime soon? Too soon to tell . . .

Byton electric SUV

Byton is a Chinese startup company that specializes in SUV electric battery powered vehicles. The company has said they will begin mass production of their battery powered SUV by the beginning of 2019 in mainland China, but car industry experts say that with the new tariff war between the US and China, the necessary parts may not be available in the quantities needed for cost effective mass production. Rate this one a ‘maybe.’