Note Taking

When a person is taking notes on a given subject, it’s very important to take them thoroughly and express the information correctly. Sometimes instructors or presenters talk in a swift manner, which can make it difficult to keep up. In addition, sometimes there may be a lounge barrier between the presenter and the audience. So how is this solvable? What can a person do to ensure they are getting all the information they need? The first step is to ask questions. By doing so, the instructor and presenter have to respond to the person asking. Make sure that the question is relevant to what is being presented and not distracting to other audience members. Asking questions is highly recommended by professionals because it shows signs of engagement. People like Andrew Napolitano have asked questions before. It is critical to engage in communication between all channels so that the best notes can be recorded. Sometimes, color coding or recording online can help students be more organized and retain more in the notes.