Different Ways to Light the Rooms of Your House

How a house is lit can change the feeling of the home in its entirety.  From brighter rooms offering an open and more spacious feeling to mood lighting allowing a room to feel more soothing and comforting.  The kind of lighting you’re probably looking for are available at steellightingco.com. How we experience our rooms can be entirely up to how they’re lit, so you must consider your fixtures and bulbs in every room! If you are currently on a lookout for light bulbs, you may consider visiting sites like emeryallen.com to see more options. Once you’ve chosen the lighting fixtures for each room, we recommend hiring a residential electrician from professional companies like Allied Electric services to install them to avoid any accidents. If you’re looking for a Spokane Valley lighting repair professional, you may get in touch with companies like Current Electrical Inc.

Here are the best ways to light each of your rooms and things to be a little more creative with them.

Living Room

Your living room can be lit in many different ways.  The best plan would be to go back when you were looking at Calgary homes for sale and purchase one with a lot of natural lighting: but that’s not always possible.  Instead, focus on setting up your lights in a way that makes your ceiling seem higher, and accent the parts of the room you want to be accepted.  There should also be an attempt to keep lamps close to seating so that you don’t have to get up every time you want the lamp turned on.  For light colors, warmer is better.

You can also decorate with lights, using string fairy lights as year-round decor.  These lights seem less Christmassy if you stick to one color and avoid red or green.  Simple white fairy lights, on a timer, so they go off during the day, can add a little magic to your living room.

You can also try the commercial LED flood lights inside your living room but facing your porch to save electricity so that you will have one light open in your living room and your porch. If you want, you may also consider using led strip light.


Unfortunately, there aren’t a ton of options for kitchen lights.  Many are built-in with tube-lights, but the best choice for a kitchen is recessed lighting.  This lighting, tucked away into the ceiling, makes a kitchen seem more modern and spotlights the kitchen parts you use most.  If you’re building your home from scratch, another popular option is to put in a skylight so that you can have natural lighting for most of the year. Check out Skylight installation dublin – velux window installers.


Our bedrooms are where we let our worry of the day slip away as we slide into our beds.  It’s a great feeling to be able to vanish into your sheets- and your lighting has a lot to do with it.  Warm lighting helps relax our eyes and send us to sleep and should be your primary focus.  A Black moroccan birdcage lantern next to your bed may be lovely in case you have to get up in the middle of the night and don’t want to stumble around for your lightswitch.  If you have trouble waking up, you can find alarm clock lamps that slowly turn on as your alarm goes off to help your brain wake up!

Home Office

Not every home has an office, but if you have one, you understand how important it is to stay awake and lively, without the headache of overly bright lights.  The best lighting for a home office is multiple lamps.  You can reach from your desk, and then a taller one in a different part of the room.  Avoid bright blue lights, but also don’t go for the super warm colors of bedroom lights.  Something closer to natural light will be easier on your eyes and better for your focus. If you need help with lighting installation, you may consult a residential electrician for more info.