Every Meeting Should Be A Workshop

Imagine this – To begin a new project, you’ve recruited your crew. The usage of buzzwords like “innovative,” “user-centered,” “impactful,” and “best-in-class” is accompanied by knowledgeable head nods. There’s a buzz of anticipation. The groundbreaking project you’ve all been waiting for is finally here; it’s going to be the one. After the meeting is over, your team departs feeling energized and prepared to work tirelessly to produce a significant result. To express utterly diverse answers, you’ve all just used the same potent language. 

As Time Goes On

As time goes on, outcomes are produced. There is an uneasy pause following the big revelation while you reassemble, eager to examine the progress. You think, “This isn’t what I had in mind. We may not be on the same page.” You tell the team, “Let’s review why we are repeating this.” You start pushing pixels and micromanaging now. It’s not enjoyable, and we’ve all been there. The team begins there because nobody enjoys going back to the drawing board. With Klaxoon, we transform every meeting into a useful workshop.

What you need

1-2 hours and a space big enough for your team to sit around a table

Provide Sharpies, white paper, and dot stickers for each team member

a clock

Even though an hour will accomplish it, this team-building activity should go up to three hours if required since it is so effective and collaborative.

How to proceed

Choose the issue you want to address and the precise objective of your idea. Concentrate on one screen at a time since you only have five minutes. 

Set a five-minute timer, then sketch! Everyone rapidly draws their own answer; be free and enjoy yourself. 

Each member writes a snappy title for their idea on the wall before pitching it to the group.

Discuss each idea and mark the elements of each drawing that work and don’t work (3 votes per team member, per round)

Return to the drawing phase and do it again!

Don’t be afraid to use your coworkers’ greatest ideas as you iterate.

Work Together

As you work together to assemble a stunning Frankenstein of your team’s greatest concepts, a common vision will rapidly become apparent. Until your team is united behind a common vision, repeat the activity and improve your notions. Normally three rounds are adequate. However, experts have explored a complicated issue using this workshop up to nine times in succession.

Meetings must do more than just follow the plan and hope for the best. We are all aware of the consequences of poor meetings, including not just the financial and time expenditures but also the harm to employee morale and experience. 

Meetings are rituals, when employees congregate in a workplace, cultural touchpoints, and they should reaffirm the organization’s beliefs and goals. They ought to encourage individuals to achieve their best. 

While not every meeting has to be a full workshop, most meetings may benefit from some workshop tactics. Thinking carefully about the meeting experience we want participants to have can help us plan and guide meetings in a way that achieves this.