Fire Safety In Australia

Australia’s wonderful country, which is also considered a continent and home to exotic creatures of all species, genus, and sizes, has encountered the most dangerous bushfires on their rural outbacks. The worst fire the country has experienced is in September 2019, when 27 million acres of Australian territory have burned in one of their disastrous fire seasons. The increasing rate of worldwide bushfires is due to the worldwide threat caused by global warming. Visit Filcil to read their articles on civil services for you along with more information.

A Primer About Australian Fires

The September 2019 Australian wildfires have continued to expand to unprecedented rates and managed to claim 29 people’s lives and destroy an approximate of 2,500 homes. The country’s biodiversity received significant losses counting to 1.25 billion animals. The fires are reported to have been initiated by heatwaves that suddenly hit Australia’s Southeast coast.

In a world under the ominous threat of global warming, Australia’s country, with its fire seasons, is critical when it comes to safeguarding its citizens from vicious onsets of fire. Fire awareness in Australia is now increased as a reminder for its citizens. The implementation of Fire Space Clearance and fire evacuation plans is now present with every building or a facility close to areas vulnerable to a sudden outburst of fire hazards. The country’s authorities have been keen on reminding the civilians with proper methodologies to apply if their lives are threatened with fire.

Extreme fires like these could now be more common in a world under the threat of global warming. America’s Californian state has also experienced its worst wildfire in 2018, the state’s most destructive fire on record. Australia’s bushfires are reported by the European Union’s Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service to have released 400 megatons of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. They would stay there until forests could grow back to normal.

Fire awareness and safety are now a crucial subject tackled by its fire prevention authorities. Australian citizens are being briefed about their proper response when encountering life-threatening situations like a forest fire. Fire safety is also necessary for urban areas as homes serve as a natural fuel that a fire blaze can easily absorb into its extent of the damage, which is why therefore having a Fire Extinguisher Unit at home is highly encouraged.. Thankfully, the Australian bushfires experienced last year have been stopped with natural rainfall accompanied by hail with drops the size of golf-balls.  

Australian Fire Safety

Due to the disastrous 2019 fire that ravaged 27 million acres of Australian territory and caused massive damage to its natural biodiverse wildlife and human life loss, fire safety precautions are now implemented in every corner of the continent. The daily Australian is educated on reacting appropriately when encountering life-threatening events like a fire’s sudden onset, even in an urban area. 

Follow these Steps in Case of a Fire Emergency:

  1. Do not panic, stay calm, and exit the area affected by the fire.
  2. Find any communication device.
  3. Call number 000 using any mobile phone or device.
  4. Tell the operator about the word “FIRE” with clarity.
  5. If you can’t speak the English Language, tell the operator about the primary language you speak, and await further instructions.
  6. Please answer all the operator’s questions; they need to prepare the proper response.

Fire Prevention

  • Ensure that your house and rooms are installed with a functional smoke alarm system.
  • Avoid overloading power boards and double adaptors – wiring and electrical systems are prone to overheating due to overuse, especially in old buildings. You can click here now to contact a professional to inspect your wiring.
  • Electric heaters and radiators should be kept more than 1 meter from your bed, curtains, clothing, and furniture susceptible to catching fire.
  • Immediately shut down or turn-off cooking appliances after use – many cases of fire are caused by kitchen grease, and flammable materials catch fire when stoves are left open.
  • Outdoor fires such as campfires are restricted during countrywide fire bans.


Australia’s country is vulnerable to the onset of wildfires and blazes caused by dry conditions and heat waves. The prevention and safety from a fire are being taught all around the country to prepare civilians in the sudden occurrence of a fire threat. Fire safety precautions are being implemented in both rural and urban settings.