How to keep your team both productive and engaged

While offering them more money is definitely a great way to keep your staff members happy and engaged, it isn’t the only way to keep them content. All the biggest and most successful companies understand that their employees are their biggest assets.

As such, such companies work attentively to ensure that they not only provide them with wages commensurate of their abilities, but they also do a lot to provide them with positive work environments. These organizations understand that their employees are their most vocal brand ambassadors- the faces of the company so to speak.

Therefore, if an organization’s employee turnover is high and retention is low, acquiring new clients and talented employees becomes an uphill task. As a leader, your single most important duty is to make certain that your best assets are taken care of always. You have to inspire your staff to be the best version of themselves. See tips about productive workspaces here:

When this is done to perfection, it will not only make your stuff more efficient but also more industrious. The good news is that empowering your employees doesn’t have to be challenging. Like riding a bike, it is something that can be learned and mastered. So what does an organization have to do to ensure that their employees remain productive and engaged? Here are tips that can help:

Work on creating a culture that’s fueled by feedback and transparency

While it can be difficult to create a leadership mindset while still finding ways to remain approachable and available, creating a work environment that encourages feedback and transparency on all levels is more important than you can imagine.

Such an environment will allow your staff members to feel free enough to perform at their best. Giving your employees feedback is not only constructive for their ongoing development but it is necessary for clarifying expectations, as well as building confidence.

Transparency, on the other hand, helps to build trust. It will also make your employees feel as though they are working for an organization that values higher ethical standards, which will only boost their engagement and commitment to your company’s vision.

Make your work environment fun

These days, more and more organizations are realizing the importance of creating a playful office culture. When organizations encourage their employees to have more fun and relax when needed at work, it can go a long way in boosting their creativity, as well as output. Making your office space less serious and more fun can also ensure that you better retain your staff as well as enhance your branding.

To that end, there are certain things that you can do to add fun elements to your workspace, adding actual games such as Foosball tables (check out a detailed buying guide on, recreational sports such as ping pong tables and even bars are some of the things that organizations do to boost social interaction and pleasure at work. There is also a Team Murder Mystery Game that you can play at the office and will help develop teamwork among your employees while having fun. You may also consider visiting sites like to unwind.

Your company may not have reached the successful point that allows you to offer your staff impressive benefits, but you’d be surprised by how impactful adding a few and inexpensive elements to your office space can be.

Take time to know your team members better

We know; it’s not exactly easy to remember that Dave from accounting is getting married soon or that Jane the receptionist is going to be a mom for the fourth time. However, taking the time to follow up on your employees’ personal lives can demonstrate that you genuinely care for them and are concerned for their welfare.

Asking about the personal details of their lives or checking in on them when they seem stressed can allow you to forge stronger connections between you and your team members. With this connection also comes a rare opportunity for you to understand their goals and what motivates them so that you can work on providing it.

Give them access to the latest technology

If your team members are spending hours on monotonous tasks that can easily be automated or sped up with the wonders of technology, then you are doing them and your business a great disservice. Investing in things such as automation may seem like an expensive endeavor, to begin with.

However, you will soon start to see your investment paying off. Take a minute to look around at your business operations. Are there any tasks that could be done faster but cheaper? Speeding up such tasks, as well as making sure that your team has access to the technology they need to prosper will help you keep them engaged and motivated to work.

Don’t be afraid to recognize good work

Whenever anyone in your team does something amazing that exceeds expectations, do not hesitate to recognize their good work by providing them incentives or awarding them with corporate plaques. If your clients have ranted and raved about any of your staff, recognize their positive efforts in front of others. Not only does doing so make them feel seen and valued, but the recognition further perpetuates their desire to outperform and do further good work.

Of course, if you do recognize their good work, it is also important to recognize when something needs correcting. It is also important that you pass on negative feedback to your employees. But don’t do this in front of one’s peers- a private meeting where guidance can be offered so that corrections can be made would be best for all involved.

Final Thoughts

Ask any successful business its recipe for success and you will discover that focusing on your customers’ needs is just as important as meeting the needs of all your employees. We’ve found over the years that when a company values and treats its people well, it will then reap the benefits.

If you are struggling to keep your employees happy and engaged, the good news is that there are things that you can do to turn the situation around. These easy and effective solutions shared above will ensure that your workforce remains productive so that your company can continue to grow as it should. The tips may seem simple and straightforward but they will go far.