Four Important Reasons to Choose Dental Implants Over Other Solutions

Over the years, you’ve learned the importance of seeking out North York dental services on a regular basis. Now that the time has come to make a choice about replacing your failing teeth, it makes sense to consider every possible option. Dental implants certainly should be on your short list of possibilities. Here are a few reasons why dental implants are likely perfect for you.

You Have Excellent Bone Structure

While your teeth may not be in the best condition, your jaw still has perfect bone density. That makes you a prime candidate for Toronto dental implants. Depending on whether you choose individual dental implants or go with the All on Four solution, you could have a full set of beautiful teeth in anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

If the bone density could be better, don’t assume dental implants are not possible. Your orthodontist should be able to find a dental cosmetic lab that offers dental implants designed to add strength and support to the bone. Your dentist or orthodontist can tell you all about those solutions.

You’d Like to Keep the Natural Contour of Your Jaw

Did you know your teeth play a major role in maintaining the shape of your jaw? Once they are gone, the jaw will shift and shrink a bit. Instead of dealing with that, talk with an expert in North York dental services about dental implants.

Dental implants basically fill in the space vacated by the teeth, including the roots. With no empty sockets, there will be no shrinkage. You’ll keep that same attractive profile for many years to come.

You’d Prefer a Solution That Comes With Easy Maintenance and Upkeep

The idea of dealing with cleaning agents, messy adhesives, and all that scrubbing associated with dentures hold no appeal. Choose the best dental implants and your dental hygiene routine will remain the same in most ways. You still brush after meals, use mouthwash whenever you like, and maybe even use floss if you are careful. Paired with an annual exam and at least one cleaning each year, and you’re all set.

You Want a Solution That Stays in Place

Having fear in the back of your mind that a denture plate will slip out of position any moment now is something you can live without with a brand new set of dental implants. Maybe you’ve been out with a loved one when their dentures slipped into the soup or shifted a bit while they were talking. While they recovered quickly, that’s a scenario you would prefer not to live personally.

As an expert in North York dental veneers services will confirm, dental implants stay put. Eat what you like and smile all you want. Once in place, nothing short of a severe blow to the mouth will even loosen those dental implants.

Do you need more information before making a final decision? Talk with your dental professional or with the cosmetic dentistry in San Francisco today about what cosmetic dental implants will do for you. After all your questions are answered, the best way to proceed will be evident.