London’s Green Surroundings Boost Mental Health

We all know it, but eventually some research has proved it. Being outside in nature is good for us, whether it is connecting with where we came from a little bit more or just getting further away from the complexities of everyday life that we as a species have created. Now this proof is put into action, groups have more leverage to balance out their often under considered views when competing with large companies, but now one of London’s most famous areas is initiating a change.

This work actions the long-recognised connections between the impact of green spaces on mental health and wellbeing; mental distress, anxiety, depression, greater wellbeing and cortisol profiles being great examples and is corroborated by recent research undertaken by MIND and the University of Essex. Eco-therapy, which, according to MIND can be anything from access to a horticultural development programme supervised by a therapist, to a simple walk in the park, being outdoors and being active, benefits mental health in a manner previously underestimated.

One area quick to work upon this change is Mayfair’s community of residents, businesses and visitors. This collection have come together to create proposals that will change the face of Mayfair and articulate a specific desire to develop the area with the benefits of greenery in mind. This is already taking effect as the next development due for completion in 2020 will be is surrounded by as much greenery as humanely possible in the famous city.

The Bryanston Hyde Park is a much-anticipated addition to this sought-after postcode. A cinematic view of Hyde Park lies at the heart of The Bryanston Hyde Park’s design. In addition to its prime Hyde Park location, just moments away from historic landmark Marble Arch and located between the hotspots of Mayfair and Marylebone, The Bryanston Hyde Park is equipped with contemporary amenities designed to enhance city living, balanced with the desire for bringing nature closer to home according to the estate agent listing the Mayfair property.

In a bid to lead the way in luxury living, 24-hour concierge, secured underground parking and access to an array of restaurants and bars also make up an integral aspect of life at The Bryanston Hyde Park. This no-nonsense approach to luxury living means it is set to be a favourite for those who don’t compromise when it comes to securing the best. On offer to all residents is the experience of calm rarely found amidst the energetic buzz of central London. This is achieved not only by the easy accessibility of beautiful Hyde Park – residents wouldn’t be unreasonable to think of this London landmark as their garden – but also by unlimited access to the world-famous skyline.

While the cost of what is unsurprisingly a hot spot for those seeking to benefit from abundant London luxury and the increasing awareness of the importance of nature, remains discreet, for those who want to find out more about potentially living in this property, a personal tour is on offer. For those living in the surrounding areas of Mayfair, this step towards greener spaces will be of more benefit than perhaps the majority of residents even realise; particularly in relation to mental health and wellbeing. The increased exposure to natural elements throughout London’s parks and the conscious pre-thought of businesses, developers and local government to focus on eco-friendly alternatives will produce benefits to no end.