From Frustration to Freedom: Self-publishing Offers Faster Pace and No Creative Compromises

There are many problems with the traditional publishing industry. From favoritism of authors who tend to look alike and have similar backgrounds, through to the harsh financial reality that the majority of people who receive a traditional book deal won’t go on to be financially successful, the industry is ripe for disruption. is aiming to do exactly that. They are taking on the old way of releasing books by empowering independent authors to produce top-quality books while retaining full creative freedom and all of their royalties. Let’s take a look at the problems in publishing that is disrupting for the better.

One of the first benefits of independent publishing is the removal of any form of gatekeeping. Traditional publishing is an elitist world that often overlooks the voices of minority writers. It’s also notorious for focusing on a few narrow types of books that the publisher feels are the safest bets to make money. As a result, the diversity of both writers and books suffer greatly. Self-publishing allows authors to side step any form of gatekeeping and get their book out into the world, no matter who they are or what it’s about. This leads to a far more diverse choice for readers.

Traditional publishing also operates in a way that is almost designed to frustrate a creative person. The pace of releasing a book traditionally is frustratingly slow. It can be years after finishing a draft that an author sees their book available to buy. There are also endless creative compromises at play. Traditionally-published authors must give up control on important elements like their book cover and even their book’s content thanks to strict editors. On the other hand, indie authors have found a better way of doing things. They can writer and publish at their own pace with no restrictions. They have total creative freedom to write whatever they want and have any style of book cover they prefer.

The financial picture is also a lot rosier for indie authors. It’s true that there is some prestige attached to receiving a big advance from a traditional publisher. But the sad truth is the majority of authors will never sell enough copies to cover it. Even if they do, they only receive a small slice of any future royalties generated. Self-published authors, however, are free to keep all of their royalties and enjoy full rights over their audiobook editions and publishing in other languages and markets.

Self-publishing isn’t without its challenges. That’s why it’s essential to have the support of those who know how to do it the right way. has helped thousands of authors make their books a success over the years. They offer a powerful mix of expert coaching and top-quality services like book cover design and formatting to allow authors to focus on what they do best. If you’re looking for a partner to make your independent book a success, is the way to go. They will help you achieve everything you dreamed of with your book, and even more!