Getting Your Dream Story Written: 3 Great Tips

You did it again. You’ve gone an entire week without working on your novel. At this rate, you’re never going to get your story written.

You know that your ideas are good and publishing would be amazing for you if you could only find the time to get your book down on paper. With going to work, taking care of your children, and doing the countless other things on your plate, you just can’t seem to gather up the motivation to work on your novel.

You’ve got to make the time and we’re here to tell you how. Keep reading to learn a few simple tricks for getting your story completed.

1. Gather Your Inspiration

The first step to writing a good story is finding inspiration. Sit down and watch a TV show or play a video game. You can’t copy the stories you absorb through these entertainment mediums but they might be able to help you get over your writer’s block and push forward.

Pay attention to the fine details of the plot and how the characters are written. Doing so may allow you to see what some of your storytelling weaknesses are so you can work on them.

If you haven’t started writing your story yet but know you want to write one, gathering inspiration from these sources might be able to at least help you pick out a genre.

2. Set Goals

We understand that life gets busy. It’s not easy to set aside time to write when you have a million other things going on but you have to. You don’t have to aim too high.

Setting a goal of even three hundred words a day will get you the finish line eventually as long as you’re writing every day. The secret publishing a masterpiece isn’t writing a lot but writing often.

Don’t stop at setting daily word goals. Give yourself weekly deadlines as well. Figure out where you want to be in your novel by the end of the week and reward yourself if you hit the deadline.

3. Enlist in a Little Help

When you get an idea for a story, pitch it to a few friends before you begin writing. They can tell you early on if you have a good idea going or if it’s a dud. If it is a dud, they might be able to give you a few ideas on how to polish it up.

If you’re a good storyteller but a bad writer, reach out to a ghostwriter. Everybody has a story. We can help you tell yours. That’s pretty much their motto. In addition, you can improve your writing skills by enrolling in a storytelling workshop.

Get Your Story Written and Share it With the World

Are you ready to get your story written? Now is the time to get started.

It can be hard to sit down in front of your computer when you have a million other things going on but remember these tips. You don’t have to write a lot, you only have to keep going and write every day.

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