Tips to Deliver Caring Customer Service

Regardless of the years of experience you may have in customer service, it will not matter if your customers believe that you don’t care. You need to let them see that you care about them. Your customer service team may need to undergo a customer service training to achieve this. Meanwhile, some of the tips to show your customers that you care are highlighted below;

  • Pay full attention

A customer that gets your full undivided attention will, without a doubt, feel valued. When talking to a customer, focus solely on them without minding the distractions around you. The time you are talking to a customer is not when you should be typing an email or picking up the phone.

  • Be available to help

A customer will feel valued if they receive help on time. Even if you cannot proffer an immediate solution, acknowledge their presence, and when you finish talking to them, offer them additional help. These days, the bulk of customer service in Portuguese takes place over the phone or online. Never leave a customer to go away with the feeling that you were unable to help them.

  • Be personal

Addressing your customers by name can make the customer service experience a bit more personal. The personalized approach works all the time, especially if you remember an important detail that the customer once mentioned before. The customer will feel valued and be convinced that you care about them.

  • Be respectful

Respect is the bane of customer service in Portuguese, but you can take some extra steps. Beyond speaking kindly and listening closely, you can show admiration for something the customer has done. You can commend them on the choice of product or service that they purchased with the company. Compliment their efforts and take note of these details so that you can make reference some other time.