How Are Flippable Mattresses Different from Others in Providing a Better Sleeping Experience?

While non-flippable beds may be the norm, there are many distinct features of a double-sided mattress. Moreover, there are superior flippable beds on the market.

What is a flippable mattress?

A flippable mattress is a double-sided bed, whereby both surfaces of the bed are similar, and you can sleep on either side. Some of the flippable beds come with varying levels of comfort on each side. An example of a flippable foam mattress includes Nolah Mattress Company.

They are different from other single-sided mattresses in that, with such beds, you can only rest on one side. A non-flippable bed is designed from the ground up and allows more comfort on the surface, but a flippable mattress is made from the center outwards.

And it ordinarily features an innerspring system encompassed by padding. As such, there’s no upright position since both sides are similar.

Where can I get a flippable mattress near me? Before you set out to look for the right double-sided bed, visit or any other website over the internet to learn about the best flippable (2-sided) mattresses. Their comparison of different flippable beds will help you in determining the best mattress for your needs.

What are the distinct features of a double-sided mattress?

1. A flippable mattress offers extra comfort

A flippable bed has different usable sleeping surfaces, and you can sleep on any part of the bed. As such, it gives the padding on the other side time to rest, recover and spring back to its original shape.

For this reason, when you flip your mattress regularly, you can be sure of consistent levels of comfort, and this ensures that you sleep better at night.

2. A double-sided mattress lasts longer

A flippable mattress lasts longer than other types of mattresses. You can flip it regularly, and this means you don’t end up sleeping on one side or position.

Although a flippable mattress requires proper maintenance, it lasts longer as compared to a one-sided mattress. Moreover, regular flipping lessens the chances of sagging, and this extends their lifespan. By flipping your bed, you also enhance the level of comfort and support.

3. Varying levels of firmness

A flippable mattress has different levels of stability on both sides. This way, you can customize your sleep experience by sleeping on the side that you prefer.

4. High-quality construction

A double-sided mattress undergoes a rigorous construction process and features high-quality materials. You also have the option to choose the type of fabric that you wish to have on your bed.

 As such, you never need to worry about low-quality materials, since high-quality materials assure you of extra comfort and support.

5. Enhanced weight distribution

Non-flippable beds typically have thicker padding, and this can result in deep body impressions when you use the mattress for long. This way, it becomes harder to change positions during sleep. 

On the other hand, a flippable mattress improves weight distribution and is less likely to sag. And what’s the reason? It allows the other side of the bed to recover while you rest on one side, and this enhances your comfort and support.

Take away

We all have varying sleeping needs, and the type of mattress you pick depends on many aspects. These may include comfort levels, support, cost, durability, maintenance and many more. What you need to keep in mind is that there are various distinct features of a double-sided mattress.

It lasts longer since you can turn it and sleep on your preferred side. On the other hand, you can maintain a non-flippable bed easily, but it may not be as durable or comfortable as a two-sided bed.