How bubble baths are great for stress relief

The stress of the Holidays is a well-known phenomenon that we all pay for the extra work of gift giving, overindulgence in food and drink, and the unrealistic expectations so many hold for this time of year — expectations that usually fall short of the perfect Yuletide experience.

So as the winter solstice is upon us, we should prepare ways and means to fight the stress and fatigue that come when the snow flies and Santa maybe doesn’t bring us all we thought he would.

One great strategy to deal with exhausting stress is one of the simplest and economical. A soothing and relaxing time in a walk-in tub. And it’s not just for women anymore, either; there are several brands of bubble bath liquids and balls on the market now exclusively for men — with scents such as Pine Woods and Old Leather.

The best selling bath oil is still lavender-scented. Aromatherapy experts say that the scent of lavender leads to the quickest relaxation of tension headaches and muscle cramps in the whole realm of aromas.

Women should avoid using too much bath oil when they’re soaking — it can actually encourage dry skin. The right amount for most bathtubs is no more than two tablespoons. Or one small bath bomb. This amount is ideal for a bathtub the can fit two people, however some tubs may be too small to even relax in, if that’s the case for you then you should think about getting a bathtub replacement so you can enjoy a stress free evening full of bubbles.