How Can I Insure My Small Business Against Theft And Other Types Of Crimes

If you have a small business, and you would like to protect your company from any type of theft or crime, there are certain types of commercial insurance that you should get. You may also consider having a business cashflow protection system; by putting your physical, online, and electronic payments in one place, you can see how you spend to make better business decisions. If you are a corporation, and you are worried about these types of incidents, you can get insurance policies that are specifically designed to make sure your company is protected. Some of these policies can be very comprehensive, covering you for a multitude of potential scenarios. It is highly recommended that you get multiple quotes from different insurance providers to make sure you are getting the best deal. This is how you can ensure your small business against the probability of experiencing any type of theft and crimes that may occur.

Commercial Crime Insurance

This is one policy that most small business owners should have. If you have an incorporated business, this can protect you against theft from your employees. This will also protect you in case they cause any type of damage, or if they are involved in fraud. The liability of your company is at stake because they work for you. Therefore, having commercial crime insurance is one of the most important types of insurance that you can have for your small business.

Crime And Fidelity Insurance

Another type of insurance that you may want to consider getting his crime and Fidelity insurance. What you are purchasing is called a fidelity bonds. The bond will have a certain value. Policyholders will be protected for up to the value of the bond from any type of fraudulent acts by individuals such as employees. The larger that your company is, the more apropos it is to have this policy in force to protect your business from crimes committed by people that work for you.

Employee Dishonesty Coverage

Business owners always want to trust their employees. However, there are times when you will have one worker that will make a mistake. In fact, they could be stealing from you on a regular basis, and may even be involved in embezzlement. If something like this does occur, employee dishonesty coverage is what you will need to protect your company from this type of attack. Employees can steal anything from inventory to money. They may also attempt to acquire other types of assets. Whenever this type of problem occurs, which may include corruption and fraud, you will be fully protected.

Robbery Protection Insurance

The previous examples of insurance pertain to workers that can be dishonest. However, the vast majority of crimes that will be committed against your business will come from the outside. For example, if you have a business and you are robbed, you need to have protection in force so that you can recover your losses. It will also cover damage that is done to your business, allowing you to get things back to normal, despite having to deal with someone trying to rob you. This is very important insurance to have if you currently sell very expensive items. You may have several of them in stock. If they are all stolen, and damages done to your place of business, this insurance will pay you for all of your losses.

Forgery And Alteration Coverage

Identity theft is becoming more common than ever before because of the Internet. There are news reports every month that depict criminals that steal people’s identities and then begin to use this fake identity to commit crimes. One of those crimes could be forgery, or some type of alteration, in regard to a transaction that you are doing with this deviant person. For example, they may offer to pay you for a particular item that you have that is very expensive. You may ship the item, only to find out that you did not ship this to the actual person. Even worse, they are not going to make a payment as they said they would. This is where this coverage comes in. If you’re suspicious about any type of business document, you may seek the services of forensic document examiners to analyze and/or verify the authenticity of the documents.

General Liability And Property Insurance

This type of insurance is one of the first policies that a company will acquire. If you have a business where criminals can cause harm to your place of business, you need to have everything restored. This insurance will allow you to recover the money that you would otherwise have to spend on repairs. Although you may not have a business that would lead to any type of damage, it’s always good to protect your property with this insurance that virtually every business owner will have.

How To Get Discount Prices On These Insurance Policies

There are so many different insurance companies that provide this type of coverage. They will have all of these policies available and more. By speaking with an insurance representative from, they can discuss what options are available. They will also give you recommendations on which policies are best suited for your type of business. By speaking with multiple insurance providers, you can get quotes from all of them. You need to make sure that you evaluate each policy in regard to the premiums, deductible, and the total coverage. Once you have all of this information, it will be very easy to decide on which company to use to obtain small business insurance.

How To Choose The Best Policies

You will know that you have chosen the best policies for your company after speaking with these insurance providers. They will make sure that you understand what type of coverage you are receiving. As long as the premiums are low, and the coverage is high, this will be an indication that you have made the right choice. Also verify what type of coverage you have, and how much money will be paid out, for the many different incidents that can occur.

These are just a few examples of the type of insurance that you should get for your company. You will be protected against internal theft caused by employees, as well as problems caused by potential customers. When you have all of these in place, or at least some of them, this will give you peace of mind. It’s so important to protect your assets, and if most of these revolve around your business, you will always want to be protected.