How Can Interviewers Detect If Someone Is Lying?

If someone owns a corporation or a business, they are undoubtedly working hard to see it prosper. They care not just about the reputation they build for their company but also want to ensure that the people who work for their company are assisting them in achieving their company objectives and vision for it.

According to a survey from StaffCircle, 32% of respondents admitted to lying on their CV, 45% stated they would have gotten the job even if they hadn’t lied, and 93% stated they were not caught, implying that competition for the best jobs has grown too tight.

There are several methods to identify whether a candidate is lying about something on their CV, and while it’s difficult to determine, it can save your firm a lot of time and money.

When faced with selecting a new employee, many factors may appear out of place or suspicious. Many people may be incredibly skilled and qualified, while others may appear to be far too skilled for the position.

Here are some great ideas to help you identify the truthful candidates from the ones that are telling lies.

Carry Out Inspections

Hundreds of candidates falsify their experience to appear to be the real deal. Over 50% of respondents from the StaffCircle survey did.

Scan their job titles and descriptions of time to see whether there is a natural transition from junior to senior positions/responsibilities. So, if you see an applicant who went from being a junior marketer to suddenly managing and designing lead gen campaigns in their next employment, there’s a good chance they’ve twisted the truth.

Consider whether the applicant’s accomplishments sound too wonderful to be true at that point in their career. If the response is affirmative, either reject the application or ask them during the screening interviews.

Companies can use performance management software as part of the screening process and evaluate skill levels and highlight skill gaps in the workforce, too.

A Phone Interview Might Help

Informal phone screening meetings are an excellent method to address any early concerns you may have about a candidate. When reviewing someone’s CV, keep any crucial points in mind to help construct some particular questions during the phone interview.

Phone interviews are a terrific method to save time in the long run and get an early sign of what the candidate is genuinely like. Hiring managers should listen for any pauses or hesitations when the candidate answers the phone. Many people find it more difficult to lie when they are confronted.

Make Use of Linkedin

LinkedIn is an extremely strong tool that many modern-day professionals use as an online CV. With this in mind, it will be wise to examine how the potential prospective job candidates show themselves on this social networking platform.

They should constantly double-check the CV information on a candidate’s LinkedIn profile to see if their history their profile matches that of the paper/digital CV that they have sent in. It will also be able to examine any endorsements and recommendations to determine if a candidate is as good as they claim in their CV.


Before conducting the essential inspections, it’s a good idea to consult with a few people or a recruitment firm to ensure that the recruitment process runs as smoothly as possible from beginning to end.

When reviewing several CVs, it’s easy to overlook flaws and outstanding traits that are critical in selecting the ideal individual. Having an extra set of eyes on the recruitment procedures will make the entire process more efficient.