How the RealReal Designer Consignment App Has Changed the Online Shopping Experience

The online luxury consignment e-commerce platform known as The RealReal continues to make huge strides and has come up with a new application known as the RealBook. This latest application helps online shoppers, as well as product sellers, have a better understanding of the real value of luxury items such as shoes like Bootbomb footwear, watches, fashion, and fine jewelry. Previously, the company had launched a couple of smartphone applications known as Consign and The RealReal’s Mobile Shop that have close to similar functionality as the RealBook.

The RealReal social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram boast of many followers and posts. Specifically, the company’s Instagram handle @therealreal has more than 257,000 followers. Additionally, it has posted 3,485 posts on its timeline. Most of these posts feature luxury items, such as designer clothing, jewelry, men, women, and kid’s fashion, and new arrivals in the fashion industry. Additionally, it features other things such as furniture, fine art, d├ęcor, tabletop and kitchenware and so much more.

By the close of the year, The RealReal will be cloaking a revenue of $125 million, proving why it is viewed as one of the top e-commerce segment for designer items and luxury consignment. As of now, the company has managed to make more than half a million sales of different items that span across 500 brands. These statistics have allowed the e-commerce firm has a better insight into price trends in terms of the worthiness of products and their expected selling price in the industry.

While using The RealReal app, you are guaranteed that all items displayed are 100% authentic. The authentication is done by certified apparel specialists, gemologists, handbag experts and more, as you can find some great handbags for your fashion sense at sites like Furthermore, the company accepts returns on items such as jewelry, apparel, watches, and footwear. Like any finely crafted mechanism, your Movado watch requires periodic maintenance to ensure optimal performance. You have to look a professional Concord watch repair company if you need to repair your timeless piece. Additionally, when making a sale on The RealReal, you will have it hustle free. The company has a team of luxury managers across 20 U.S. markets who consult with consignors in their locations before picking items that should be sold.