How to Get Same-Day Car Insurance

Getting auto insurance would seem like a long-term commitment for some drivers. 

But what if you don’t usually drive a car and just need to for about a day? Getting car insurance could seem unwise or unnecessary at the very least, but that’s not always how it works. 

Accidents could happen anytime and involve your vehicle whether you have car insurance or not. Car crashes can’t be anticipated, but with a car insurance, you can be safe from financial worries.  

What you can get to drive in a short while is a dollar a day car insurance. Right here, you’re going to get all the facts on one – day auto insurance and how to ensure that you get the best yet cheap auto insurance.

What it means to Buy Same-Day Car Insurance

Buying same-day auto insurance refers to having several auto protection packages within a short period. Most same-day insurance packages do not exceed 24hrs but some exceptions exist. 

When you opt to buy a same-day auto insurance policy, you are open to the following packages with your vehicle;

Injury and Death Liability 

If someone gets injured or dies in an accident your vehicle is involved in, one – day insurance provides cover. The insurance it provides is similar to a minimum liability package.

Property Damage Liability

If anything gets damaged in another person’s vehicle, one – day insurance provides cover for property repairs. 

Short – Term Comprehensive Cover

Theft, vandalism, fire incidents are covered by a one – day auto insurance package.

Accident Damage 

If your car gets involved in a crash while under 1 day cover, the policy provides cover for whatever costs may arise.

Accident Recovery and Repair

After a car crash, one – day auto cover provides insurance for your vehicle’s recovery and repair effort. 

What You Need to Get a Quote and Buy Insurance Immediately

Essential requirements before getting a one day car insurance policy are as follows;

Car Details

All vital information about the car such as its VIN, make, model, date of purchase, and mileage are required. 

Credit Info

Your debit/credit card info is required to purchase a same – day insurance cover.

Intended Travel Distance

How far you intend travelling with the vehicle is required to get a same-day policy. 

Full Personal and/or Group Details

Your full personal info such as name, profession, Social Security number (SSN), and license info is required. If you’re planning to buy this policy for a group of drivers, all their SSNs have to be provided. 

Other Essential Requirements

Within a Specified Age Limit

You have to be within the age of 21 – 75 years to qualify for a one-day insurance package. Teen drivers are not eligible for this kind of insurance based on their high-risk designation. 

Low Penalty Point Amounts

Drivers who have managed to avoid getting less than seven (7) penalties recorded in the last three years are eligible for one day auto cover. 

Drivers with a Sustained License for Long Periods

If a driver has managed to keep their license from suspension through the past five years, getting 1 day auto cover isn’t difficult.

Low At-Fault Claims Over a Stipulated Period

If a motorist hasn’t made two at-fault claims in the last three years, he/she is eligible for 1 day cover.


A motorist with DWI or DUI should forget about getting one – day auto insurance. This is why being sober behind the wheel is essential. 

What Could Stop You from Getting One – Day Insurance

Not Having All the Requirements

Without everything stated above, it could be difficult to get auto insurance cover.

You Own a Fast Car

With a high-end vehicle, you may not be able to get same – day insurance based on costs your car could attract for repairs. Opt for insurance offered by Zecoverage.

A Recent Relocation

If you moved to a new address recently, same – day insurance may not apply to you. 

Final Word

Securing same day insurance is a very straightforward process for lots of drivers. If you make use of your vehicle more than three times in a fortnight, this kind of policy may not be the best. 

But if you use your car once or twice over several months, it could make sense to get a same – day insurance cover. Get your same-day insurance at for a fast transaction. And to ensure you’re able to get such quick auto cover, possessing a clean record is essential.