How To Effectively Recycle & Reuse Plastic Bottles At Homes

The most common type of bottles we have been seeing around, in our home, school, or restaurants, are plastic bottles. It has to be one of the fewest things that gained popularity immediately after its first appearance in the world, back in the early years of the 19th century.

And the reason for its popularity is simple, it is easy to handle and lightweight. Plastic bottles are not only economical but they are also highly safe to use as they don’t break upon falling, like a glass bottle.

The only drawback to these bottles is its harmful impact on the environment just like any other disposable item. If you just throw them away, they will affect the environment adversely. But if they are reused or recycled properly, their benefits increase ten folds. However, if you don’t have time to do so then at least dispose of it responsibly in a way by tossing it in a designated dumpster provided by trustworthy companies in dumpster rental curtisville pa. By doing so, you are not only making yourself a better person, but you are also saving the environment from being harmed.

While there are many recycling drop-off centers where you can dispose of your plastic bottles, you can also recycle and reuse them in your home. But how? We will see in this article. If you want to recycle other sort of materials like scrap metal, check the scrap metal removal Sydney.


You can turn old plastic bottles into a myriad of decorative items. From plant or flower pots to wall hangings to even furniture pieces, there is so much you can do with plastic bottles to make embellishments for your house. For other recycled material, you can also consider getting some coastal and marine recycled plastic textiles. This recycled material can be used for various activities and can even be sure for knitting, however it may not be the best option so for knitting make sure to look for something more like soft chenille yarn for sale.

For storage purpose 

There are multiple things in our house that require a proper storage place then why not make one with the plastic bottle? Since they are easy to cut, they can be easily transformed into a number of shapes and sizes. 

This quality makes them a perfect option for storage hacks.  They can be turned into a bird feeder, piggy bottle bank, containers for pulses or other such eateries, holders for small items -like stationery, books, magazines, etc. 

In short, whenever you require a storage unit, plastic bottles are your ultimate solution.


Another most amazing and mind-blowing recycling idea, invented in Bangladesh, is building an eco-cooler system. Since the air conditioning system that runs on electricity does not come light on our budget, plastic bottles provide a much economical way of combating the scorching heat of the summer.   

The system is a zero electricity air conditioning unit that is manufactured using only a couple of items. You have to gather a few plastic bottles, essentially bottles of a large body and small rim. Then cut the rim parts out from all the bottles. Insert those cut-out rims on a PVC foam board, attach the system with a motor, battery, and a switch, and you are set to have a nice air conditioning in the most economical way.

Garden Fence

Another great way to recycle a stack of plastic bottles is by building a fence with them. It is possible and not at all difficult. You only need plastic bottles and a binding source. Establish the measurements of the fencing you want and start arranging plastic bottles vertically.

When you are done making multiple columns of plastic bottles, bind it with a stick or a bamboo cane. This adds an extra binding layer that ensures the bottles stay together in that position. 

Such use of building a fence with plastic bottles is not limited to this as it can be utilized for building many more types of walls. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that the number of bottles required increases according to the length and size of the wall you want to build. 

Useful Hacks

Apart from decoration and storage, the plastic bottles can be used for other useful hacks that can make your daily life easy. For example, if you have children in your house who find it difficult to reach the washing basin to wash their hands, a plastic bottle can be used as a spout extension.

You can also turn colorful plastic canes into baskets that not only provide ample space to carry stuff but also look good. 

If you always find yourself looking frantically around for your mobile phone after you put it away for some time, then a cell phone holder is just what you need. And what better way to make it by yourself instead of buying it? Yes, you can do this with plastic bottles. 

Use colorful plastic bottles and cut it out in the shape of your favorite characters or flowers, then decorate it with colorful accessories like ribbons or beads, and you have a nice cellphone holder ready. 

In the same way, as mentioned above, you can also craft a pencil organizer to have your heap of pencils and pens sorted. Having such organizers declutter your study table and give a very organized look. 

The easiest of recycling plastic bottles at home is turning them into soap bottles. All you need for this is a used plastic bottle and a soap dispenser spout. Then insert the twist-on spout in the bottle and there, you have a nice soap bottle prepared without even spending a penny on it.

Another great way of reusing plastic bottles is by using them as a solar lightbulb. This comes as great assistance in those rooms or areas where there is no proper opening for letting sunlight in. 

To make this wonderful tool at your home, you have to fill a medium or large sized bottle with a clean solution of water and bleach. The bleach ensures prevention from algae growth. Then insert the filled plastic bottle through a hole in the roof. The light that falls on the upper side of the bottle will reflect and spread out in the room.


Plastic bottles have become such an integral part of our daily life that it is just not possible to cut its use from our lives. And why should we not use it? Since plastic bottles provide wide-ranging solutions and are easy and safe to use. 

The best way to tackle them is by reusing or recycling them at our homes or drop them off at recycle dropping centers instead of throwing them away. 
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