5 ways to de-stress at work instantly

High and consistent levels of stress have been linked with an increased likelihood of heart disease and other serious illnesses. The problem is that we live in a stressful society and our bodies are still wired to respond to stressful situations by increasing cortisol production.

This prepares you for fight or flight. Unfortunately, when your body produces cortisol in these situations it shuts down the production of other hormones, causing an array of issues.

Stress can also be triggered by painful conditions, such as Spondylolisthesis. That’s why you should adopt these tips to de-stress and seek medical advice for your other health conditions.

  1. Walk It Off

Stress builds quickly and you’ll find yourself feeling frustrated and possibly even angry. This can cause an array of other issues in the workplace. 

One of the best ways of tackling this is simply to walk away. You don’t need to be rude. Simply state you need a minute and walk away. Ideally, walk outside your building and around the block. By distracting your mind you’ll eliminate the stress and are likely to find a solution to the issue.

  1. Meditate

If getting outside or walking it off isn’t an option you should try meditating. All you need is a quiet space. Find a comfortable seating position and focus on one thought. Even if you just sit there for five minutes you’ll feel less stressed and the issue will have been put into proportion.

In fact, it’s a good idea to find some time to meditate every day, it calms the mind. Aside from meditation, did you know that hemp is another way for you to feel the tranquility that you desire? It’s legal to buy hemp online, so you must try one now.

  1. Phone A Friend

If you have a trusted friend at work you don’t need to phone one! If not, step outside and give them a call. You can then rant to them which will release your tension and allow you to look at the issue from a new angle, without feeling stressed.

Just be sure to be available when your friend wants to rant back!

  1. Breathing Exercises

As a child, you were probably told to count to ten and calm down. This is actually effective if combined with breathing exercises. Simply focus on breathing slowly in, to a count of ten, and then out. 

Repeat this several times, or as many as you need, to calm your mind, allowing you to deal with the issue better.

  1. Avoid The Situation

You can’t avoid every stressful situation but you can avoid some. For example, if your boss wants to see you then you’ll have to go. But, you can find out what it is concerning and prepare yourself for it.

This will remove much of the stress as you’ll be prepared and have the answers to their queries. 

Alternatively, if a specific person stresses you out then note their movements and you’ll find that you can effortlessly avoid them most of the time, dramatically reducing the amount of stress you’re under.

Small things really do make a difference, even lowering your stress levels a little will help.