How to Gain Permanent Residency in Canada

When it comes to obtaining permanent residence in Canada, many people wonder if being from a certain country could play in their favor when immigration officials evaluate their case. There is a belief that owning a specific passport would lead the applicant to have a greater chance of obtaining permanent residence in Canada, but this is not the case.

The Reality

The reality is that when it comes to obtaining permanent residence in Canada, everyone is evaluated under the same parameters and standards, without making any kind of distinction as to the place of origin. Having a European passport or vanuatu passport or American passport has an advantage in opting for residence.

The Permits

Now, what does exist is a slight benefit for people with passports from Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, among others, by opting for less complicated processes such as the temporary work permit in Canada. As there are international refugee assistance programs, as well as collaboration agreements between Canada and some of these countries, their citizens are more likely to obtain these permits. Considering that these permits are relevant aspects when evaluating an applicant for permanent residence in Canada, you could understand that for a citizen of these countries they have the possibility of adding a more positive outcome to their application, although it is still a very complicated procedure that it is not governed by countries of origin.

The Doubts

One of the most frequent doubts that arise in a person after obtaining permanent residence in the province for which he is nominated is how long should he live in the said province? However, what counts is the intention of wanting to settle there, and that is something they must demonstrate. A good immigration consultant Toronto-based can aid in the process. 

Settling In

A real intention to settle is not to obtain permanent residence and after eight days to move from one province to another. Normally, to request a provincial nomination, a job offer must be submitted, and it must come from a company that acquires the commitment to provide work for an extended period of time (one year, two years, or indefinitely) depending on what the employer asks for. There are websites that offer rentals in several cities around Canada, like that has rentals in major cities like Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria and parts of Montreal.

Provincial Nomination

Let us remember that there are more than 100 categories of provincial nomination and that they all have different conditions, but in general terms that is the criterion: the existence of a job offer for a certain time. If we consider that the nomination process takes about a year and that then you must reside in the province for a time (at least one year), we are talking about two years, since the residency process began. To begin with this process, some requirements vary, according to the province in which you are nominating.