How to Get Your Home Summer Ready

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to make some adjustments to prepare your home for the hot months ahead. Your home will probably need additional maintenance to ensure everything is functioning correctly throughout the season. 

Starting preparations earlier can help increase the overall safety of your property, improve the efficiency of the components of your home, and bring down energy bills. Also, summers provide an opportunity to make repairs that were impossible during winter or spring. For instance, if your drains have been clogging frequently, it’s time to contact a plumbing contractor to inspect your drains and do a proper drain cleaning. Hire local plumbers to inspect your home’s plumbing system and fix any issues they will find.

Here are six tips to get your home summer-ready.

Conduct Maintenance on HVAC Systems

Air conditioning is critical during summer. The hot air in the house needs to be pumped out and replaced with cooler air. If you notice that your unit is acting up, contact an emergency ac repair company at once. You can search for Nance Services, heat pump service near me on the internet to hire one.

A residential ac repair professional can change your filters and run tests to ensure the system is in good shape and that the coolant fluid does not leak. 

HVAC pipes tend to get damaged during winter; that is why it is advisable to perform an HVAC maintenance inspection to ensure everything is perfect. Contact licensed AC experts for this job. 

HVAC professionals carefully check the key components of your AC system for common glitches such as thermostat problems, dirty coils, motor issues, clogged drains, dirty filters, and much more. An efficient HVAC unit will not only keep your home comfy during summer but will also save you money. You can click here now to find experts that can help you with your unit.

Clean Windows and Vents

Vents tend to clog up with time, which compromises air circulation. If you have a chimney, this is also a great time to do a residential chimney cleaning. Trying to DIY chimney cleaning can often result in damaging fires especially if you have creosote buildup in your chimney. Hiring a chimney cleaning company is always the best option when it comes to removing dangerous creosote. 

In preparation for summer, you could dust off the exterior vents, do a thorough window cleaning, and ensure the locks close and open properly. You can also use an Air Purification system to improve air quality in your home.

Install Some Insulation

The heat escapes from the house through cracks during the winter in the same way it enters the house during summer. Insulation works two ways. Cracks and leaks in the wall might compromise the excellent work your air conditioning system is doing in the house. 

Seal these cracks and leaks in order to make your home more energy and heat efficient. You could also get a licensed professional, preferably an AC expert from the ac installation services to install insulation in the walls. 

Bug-Proof Your House

Bugs and insects seek shelter from the scorching summer sunshine in the shade of the house. They will try to enter the house through cracks around windows or exterior vents. 

You could dust the vents with appropriate pesticides to keep off these unwanted visitors. Also, close windows earlier in the evening rather than waiting for darkness to fall. 

Change Batteries for Smoke and Fire Detector Systems

You likely have a little more free time in summer than during the rest of the year. General safety regulations require a change of smoke and fire detectors at least once a year. How about doing it during summer when you are free? 

Conduct Roof Maintenance

You should check your shingle roof for missing shingles, broken gutters and leaking panels. Clear out leaves and any other waste accumulated during winter. You may hire a Terracotta Tile Cleaning company to thoroughly clean your roofing tiles.

Summer is an excellent time to hire a roofing contractor to inspect the roof for missing shingles, cracks, or damage to the metal flashing around the chimney.  Professionals who offer services from residential roofing to commercial/industrial roofing services can help you get your roof in maximum condition so you can ease your worries away.

Bottom Line

The above tips will help you turn your home into a summertime haven! Moreover, having a well-functioning HVAC system, properly insulated windows, and efficient plumbing (visit to know more) can significantly reduce your utility costs during the hotter (and colder) months.