How To Improve Your Email Marketing Conversion Rates

Even though different social media platforms are taking the world by storm, email communication and marketing remains one of the most sought-out options for advertisers, generating a much higher ROI than any other digital platform. In fact, studies show that almost half the customers of a brand purchase products once a month based on recommendations from following an email marketing campaign.

According to Andrew Defrancesco, you need to determine the conversion rates for your brand. The conversion rate is the percentage of your email subscribers that convert into customers and enable you to achieve your conversion goals.

This article will show you how to make your email content stand out to engage customers, boost conversions, and ultimately increase ROI.

5 Ways To Achieve Higher Email Conversion Rates

The following are the 5 effective ways that promise higher email conversion rates for your business:

Segment Your Email List

Segmenting your email lists means categorizing all your subscribers according to their purchase interests, demographics, browsing activity, and their history with the brand.

 It helps to make more tailored content for each group, increasing the relevancy and quality of your emails. It can also help retain customers.

Set Up Automated Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are automated emails that are sent to customers after they interact with a specific touchpoint. For example, welcome drip emails can be automated to go out when they sign up for a newsletter. Drip campaigns are effective ways of engaging with customers at just the right moments.

Here are a few ways you can use drip campaigns:

Educational drips: These emails provide information regarding products that your company offers and give your audience easy information instead of visiting the website.

Promotional drips: These emails offer discounts, exclusive offers, and loyalty memberships for customers to avail, providing them with an incentive to engage with your brand.

Competitive drips: These emails provide a comparison between competitor products and your products to showcase customers a detailed report of why they should prefer your product.

Re-engagement drips: These emails are designed to bring back a lead or re-engage with inactive customers.

Sometimes, businesses can have more than a million subscribers. This can make it difficult to manage different campaigns. However, you can create Shopify email marketing campaigns using pre-made templates and graphics and create instant marketing emails without wasting much time.

Optimize Them For Mobile

With the popularity of portable devices, more and more consumers now prefer the ease of use and convenience over anything. They like to communicate with their brands through emails and have a convenient shopping experience. Studies show that 53% of emails are opened regularly on a mobile device which further proves that mobile-optimized emails are bound to increase conversions. 

However, customers do not have much time to spend on emails with poor-quality images or zoomed-in content that cannot fit their mobile screens. In fact, it causes them to take the opposite action: exit and unsubscribe!

Therefore, it is important to optimize your content for both mobile and desktop use and use n email marketing platform that won’t have you worrying about missing valuable leads.

Engage your customers with a story

Storytelling is a powerful marketing technique that can tug at your audience’s heartstrings and resonate with their feelings. It is an effective way to get readers interested in what you’re trying to communicate and ensures that readers read till the end of the email.

Storytelling can take a variety of turns. You can add an emotional pull and make your subscriber’s hearts melt, or you can win their hearts by telling a personal anecdote. People want personalized content and prefer to see a more human side of the brand to feel relatable to them. If you will like to learn more and even get some help on having a good impact on your customers, see this marketing expert interview series here.

Use Interactive Graphics

Customers don’t have time these days to read large chunks of content on email. Instead, they would prefer to see images, graphics, or other bite-sized media that catch their interest and conveys valuable information in a few minutes.

With the popularity of interactive media elements, advertisers and marketers should think outside of the box to engage their subscribers creatively.

Here are a few ways you can utilize interactive content in your emails:

Video content: videos are a great way to capture your audience’s interest and can provide instant information in a few minutes. Videos are also great for promoting content on other platforms. For example, you can ask subscribers to follow you on other media at the end of videos. Another way of utilizing video content is to make how-to instructional videos.

Wrapping Up

Multiple factors play an important part in achieving high email conversion rates. However, getting visitors to click on your CTA and engaging with your brand is what matters. So no matter which technique you adopt – segmentation, creating drip campaigns, or mobile responsiveness –focus on creating an optimal user-friendly experience to win with email.