How to Live Stream a Church Service That Your Congregation Will Love

Thanks to technology, attending church service is slowly changing. With life being so unpredictable causing people to physically not be able to attend a service you might want to look into church live streaming solutions. If you are not sure how to live stream church service, you are in the right place, visit the streaming services from Go live Australia to learn more.

We are going to share different options to help you live stream church services and sermons.

Choose Your Platform

You are not limited to only one place to stream your church service. You can either choose to stream from Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, or third-party options such as Icon CMO.

Facebook live is an easy choice when you are first starting out because you can simply use a phone to stream the service. If you do not have a Facebook business page set up for your church yet, then you will have to do this first. Facebook does not charge you to go live on their platform which is another bonus.

YouTube is another option that will let you stream from a cell phone or a tablet and will not charge you either. Once you set up a YouTube account for your church then you can go ahead and live stream a service via this platform.

Zoom will give a more intimate feel because those that want to attend service virtually will have to enter the meeting room you set up for your zoom account. Once people enter the room there are little squares showing all of the participants. They can choose to have their cameras turned on or off while they watch the stream.


Even though you are streaming a worship service you want to make sure you do not break any laws. If you are going to stream the music you have to acquire a license to do so.

If you want to avoid going through the steps of acquiring a license then you can only stream the sermons and leave out all of the music.

Invite Church Members

Last but not least you will want to let your church know that you will be streaming live. Encourage them to follow the church’s Facebook page or YouTube channel if this is the way that you will be streaming. Remind them to invite their friends personally or by sharing on social media. Organize some Kids Church Classes so that kids can also participate.

Now You Know How to Live Stream Church Service

Now that you know how to live stream church service you can put the knowledge above into action. This will give you an opportunity to extend the reach of your church beyond just your local community.

If you want to try live streaming out before spending a ton of money on equipment and third-party streaming services, stick to using a tablet or a phone and free options like Facebook and YouTube Live.

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