Importance of Having a Business Plan

Importance of Having a Business Plan

Whether a start-up or an existing business, a business plan is vital for growth. It is a road map that guides the journey of success of a business. As a traveler, one cannot embark on a trip without setting out the road to take them to their destination. Traveling without a road map will make one get lost and demand that they turn around and start again or terminate the journey. Therefore, having a business plan that is well written has several advantages, as outlined here.

A guide to growth

A well-written business plan will help an entrepreneur start, grow and develop one’s business. A business plan allows one to outline critical elements such as the marketing strategy and the objectives. These elements provide a guide on how to grow and develop without deviating from the goals. Alexander Djerassi, an entrepreneur and a foreign policy expert believes that having a well-written guide for a business will see that it develops and achieves its goals with ease, contrary to one that does not have a directory that finds it difficult to attain its goals.

Helps in setting objectives

According to Djerassi, it is essential to communicate the objectives through the business plan since that will help keep track of the management with reference to targets and milestones. One cannot always be there to remind the staff of the objectives constantly. Sharing the business plan helps them understand the goals and keep them aligned to what the business is meant to do.

Helps in making critical decisions

One of the main tasks that an entrepreneur has is to make decisions that will ensure the success of their business and avoid making mistakes. A well-written business plan provides answers to some of the issues that arise, and one can make sound decisions that will prove vital to their business growth. Since it helps communicate the objectives and benchmarks effectively, when problems occur, the staff can refer to the objectives when in doubt and make sound decisions even when the founder is not there. A business plan is essential in helping one avoid making big mistakes.


Having capital is the backbone of the success of a business. A business plan is a crucial tool to help one source funding from money lending institutions, convince investors, and find business partners. Having one in place helps prove the viability of the business and instills confidence in them that they are putting their money where they will see a good return on that investment. It also helps one decide whether they need new assets and decide whether to purchase new ones or lease out.

Reduce the risks

Entrepreneurship is very risky to venture. Without a well-planned roadmap, it can leave one bankrupt and demotivate. A business plan comes in handy to help avoid these risks. It helps one understand the market and the competitors and create marketing plans and revenue projections that help reduce the risk of failure.
Having a business plan is very important, as Alexander Djerassi can agree to. It helps businesses and business owners in various ways, as we have discussed. Therefore, having one that is well written is a necessity to help ensure growth and success.