Asserting the “Truth” on Data Validity of Sales Leads and Mailing Lists provides small and medium-sized businesses with sales leads, business lists, database solutions, and more. The company was founded in 2011 by Vin Gupta, a well-respected authority in the database industry. The company is currently based in Omaha, Nebraska, and has taken on critics of database sourced products by posting a blog article regarding the accuracy of information. The writer maintains that the company has an over 90 percent accuracy rate. This article will review some of the product offerings and touch upon some of the recent blog posts. offers many different products under its umbrella. Sales leads, which help salespeople in their prospecting efforts, are possibly the most popular. Mailing and business lists also help companies gain customers through prospecting. The amount of information that a customer can choose to incorporate into their purchase can be customized. Should a salesperson need very specific demographics, such as age or income level, they’re able to add these items to their order. The company also offers names of executives within any given corporation. This is helpful for business-to-business sales where the gatekeeper is often reluctant to disclose this information. Direct mail campaigns and mailing lists are also offered by the company.

The ability to have a database licensed is also available through The company offers another product that provides a real-time database with the most current information upon request. This is helpful when trying to locate customers who may have moved or owe money. The company is also now offering free customer relationship management software with many of its products. This CRM software is very basic. However, for the small business owner, it may be sufficient and very helpful. The company offers a money back guarantee. The monthly subscriptions are most likely appealing to a small business owner, as they’re affordable. The owner has the opportunity to sample the products prior to making such a significant commitment.

Overall, it’s really up to the small business owner to make the decision themselves based on their own personal needs and experience. The company does offer sales tips in an effort to maximize the return on investment of its database products. Disconnected numbers, closed businesses, and returned mail are a fact of life in sales, as the company also implies. is certainly worth checking out if it offers the most accurate data possible.