The Benefits of a Freelance Writing Career

A writing career gets a lot of glitz and glamour attached to it and a freelance writing career is no different.

If you want to become a freelance writer, then this article is for you, as we will point out the benefits of taking this journey.

Whether you plan on pitching publications on essay and story ideas or want to help out companies like a car dealership in North Olmsted, OH with article and content needs, here are some of the benefits of a freelance writing career.

Freedom and flexibility

Outside of loving to write, this is one of the biggest benefits of a freelance writing career. While people are always looking for new ways to find fulfillment in their careers, writing provides a front-row seat to that action thanks to the freedom and benefits.

Here are some of the benefits that many freelance writers share when it comes to freedom and flexibility:

  • You can work whenever and wherever you want.
  • You’re not stuck at a desk all day (unless you want to be).
  • You’re your own boss and call the shots.
  • You can create your schedule however you would like and have work-life balance.
  • You can take as many vacation days as you want (but still need to put in the work to make money, of course).
  • There are different types of freelance writers, from content writers, to freelance journalists, to freelance screenwriters. You have many options with freelancing.

Low startup and overhead costs

Unlike other businesses, a freelance writing business tends to have low startup and overhead costs. In fact, the only expense many freelancers have is the internet bill. However, there are freelancers who create websites for their businesses and that’s when the costs can start to go up.

Even if you decide to go that route, you can start your business for less than $1,000.

The ability to pick your clients and what you write about

This is one of the biggest benefits of a freelance writing career. Having the ability to pick your clients and what you write about means you can write about what you want to write about and also do work for companies that share the same values and beliefs as you.

From writing for a Medicaid attorney in Syracuse, NY to pitching an essay to The New York Times, you can decide who you want to write for as a freelance writer. Of course, the pitching process can take time and having strong writing clips is essential.

There’s no cap on how much money you make

While the average freelance writer is said to make $23.95 per hour, there’s no cap on how much money you can make in this profession. There are some freelance writers who even make well into the six-figures range.

It takes a lot of work since you are the boss and have to find clients yourself, as well as continue to make current ones happy. That’s why a freelance writing career is ideal for people who are self-motivated and disciplined.

If you work hard at this profession, then the sky really is the limit when it comes to your income.

Writing is fulfilling

Writing is fulfilling for an endless amount of reasons and that’s the biggest reason why people decide to go down the path that’s a freelance writing career.

There’s something special about creating something from scratch and having it live forever, and helping people and businesses achieve their goals and dreams in the process with your words.

There are many benefits of a freelance writing career and we’re looking forward to you starting your freelance writing journey.