Is Liposuction Right For You?

There are many ways to boost your confidence. In this day and age, plastic surgery and procedures like breast lift or breast implant surgery, rhinoplasty and fillers have gained favorable opinions when it comes to self-improvement and boosting one’s confidence. 

Ultimately, weight loss and breast augmentation is usually the goal for most individuals. As you strive to eat well and exercise, you might experience some stubborn areas of fat that you can’t seem to get rid of. In cases like this, doctors might recommend liposuction. But is this procedure right for you?

This guide will break down the basics of chin liposuction, so you can determine whether you are a candidate. In addition to doing your own research, be sure to talk to your doctor about whether this procedure is right for your health needs.

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a fat removal procedure in which a cosmetic surgeon removes fat deposits from a specific area of the body. It is often performed on areas including the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, chin and neck, and back. Cosmetic surgeons will generally recommend liposuction to target one area of the body, as it is generally not used as an overall weight loss solution. Once the procedure is complete, the body will mold to its new shape, resulting in a leaner form. The results are generally permanent in patients who retain their same overall weight.

Who is a candidate for liposuction?

According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, there are several factors that might make you a viable candidate for liposuction. Individuals who have areas of excess fat that aren’t reduced through diet and exercise might consider this procedure to balance out the proportions of their body. Liposuction just like the Liposuction for Men can also be the final component of a weight loss plan, eliminating the last stubborn areas of fat deposits.

The best candidates for liposuction will have skin elasticity, since sagging skin can make it more difficult for the body to form to its new shape. If you are looking for a treatment to address sagging skin or skin irregularities, your cosmetic surgeon might recommend different procedures.

What risks are involved?

You should always talk to your doctor about risks before opting for any procedure. They will take your personal health needs into account and recommend whether liposuction is right for you. While the risks can vary for each patient, some of these include bleeding, scaring, infections, and inflammation. Some patients might also be at risk for blood clots and numbness in the treated area. Damage to the surrounding tissue and general complications from anesthesia are other risk factors to consider.

For a complete list of risks, be sure to talk to your doctor and ask for more information. You can also reduce your chances of experiencing these risks by receiving the treatment from a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. Undergoing any procedure in a non-medical facility can put you at risk for complications during after treatment. If a facility boasts a cheap deal on liposuction, be skeptical and do your research.

How can you decide if liposuction is right for you?

As with any cosmetic procedure or surgery, it’s always important to weigh the risk factors and have a conversation with your doctor. Schedule a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon to discuss your desired results. The surgeon can then manage expectations and determine whether liposuction is the right solution. In some cases, cosmetic surgeons will recommend another treatment like a tummy tuck.

When looking for a reputable facility to perform your liposuction, make sure that the surgeons have experience with the procedure. You might ask for recommendations from friends and read online testimonials. Always make sure to schedule a consultation and ask plenty of questions. By making an informed decision, you can ensure that you receive the best possible treatment to boost your confidence. And if you are planning to have Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA, then make sure to visit a licensed plastic surgeon.