Is Rail Transport A Better Option Than Road

Every day thousands of trucks leave their depots and travel across the country to deliver the goods that help to keep the country running. It’s estimated there are over half-a-million trucks on the roads and Australia is also home to the longest and heaviest road-legal road trains in the world.

These vehicles are capable of moving massive loads across the country safely. However, they are not the only option. The Australian rail network moves nearly 1.5 billion tonnes of freight per year. Companies like Hi-Rail adelaide build railroads that help improve the transport of goods throughout the country. And contractors and third rail train equipment manufacturer services can provide custom contract manufacturing for a variety of transit authorities and industries.

So which is the better option? The short answer is rail. There are several good reasons for this:


Trains are inherently safer than trucks. While a train can crash the likelihood is considerably lower than on the road. Trains operate on a railway line, they are monitored by a computer system and no train should ever be coming toward another on the same line. 

Even if this were to happen there are enough sidings and junction points to ensure trains could change lines and continue going without incident.

On the road, truckers can fall asleep and other drivers can easily make a mistake, causing issues for the truckers. This can result in a messy pile-up and damaged goods. 


Trains can move at impressive speeds. This is because they don’t have to worry about other things being on the track or people swerving into their path. The train can maintain the speed for thousands of miles, allowing it to deliver items far faster than any truck.

In addition, there is no congestion. The roads are getting busier every year, ultimately the highways will be a simple conveyor belt with trucks driving nose-to-tail between destinations. Trains don’t suffer from this congestion, allowing them to maintain speed and deliver faster. Enjoy your visit to the UK with luxury train tours.


Trucks need to be maintained regularly by the company but they have very little control over the roads they drive on. Road works, accidents, and other issues all cause problems for truck drivers. Alongside this a truck can break down at any time, potentially ruining the load it’s carrying. In contrast, a good railway equipment company takes care of all the trains and track, ensuring that everything runs smoothly day after day.

The maintenance level is less and it’s easier to control route changes and other issues.

The Environment

Finally, it’s worth taking a moment to consider the environment. Trains produce much less harmful emissions than road vehicles. This makes them better for the environment and will help Australia to reach current emissions targets, as well as future ones. 

The railway network is the logical approach to help save our planet! However, if you need to move packages and a good transport and logistic service you will be able to make it with the help of the best couriers in Adelaide, they provide a high level service at competitive prices with a fleet of more than 650 vehicles.

Final Thoughts

Trucks will always be needed to move freight from the train station to the final destination. This is a valuable service. But, the train is the more efficient, cheaper, and safer option when traveling across the country. 

More items will likely be moved this way in the future, reducing the congestion on the roads and making life easier for everyone.