Is Your College at Risk of Closing? Are You Prepared

In 2022, we’re all pretty well informed of the scam that some higher education can be. While we may receive the kind of education we’re after, the cost is overwhelming and graduates so often do not end up getting the kinds of jobs they want in their field of study. In fact, many end up not working in their field at all. 

The issues with higher education have been a big, and growing concern for many years, but as with many other things, the COVID pandemic only highlighted the problems and caused us to finally face them head on. 

Amid quarantines and the world shifting to remote work and remote school, America has seen a significant drop in college enrollment. Some of this may be due to financial concerns and some may be due to the fact that many college age Americans are now seeing the value of enrolling in a trade school or some alternative form of education. 

Whichever the case may be for individuals, there are one million fewer enrollees compared to prior to the pandemic, and many colleges are on the verge of financial ruin. 

For those students who are already enrolled in one of these colleges, the question becomes, “What happens if my college closes?” Some students may be able to transfer their credits elsewhere, but the process can be complicated and overwhelming. 

Any student who is in a financially struggling school, or whose school has already closed, needs to seek out professional legal help to navigate this potentially turbulent circumstance.

Why Colleges Go Out of Business