Keep These Flies Out of the Workplace

Flies are annoying, there is no getting away from the fact. As soon as the weather starts to warm up they appear and it appears obligatory that they fly close to your head repeatedly.

Of course, flies are also dangerous as they carry an array of diseases that can cause serious illness. It’s worth noting that flies don’t actually bite you. When they land on any surface, including your skin, they feel for food with special pads on their feet. If the detect the presence of waste products which they enjoy eating, such as food waste, feces, or even sweat, they’ll spit acid on the surface.

This dissolves the food so that they can suck it up. It’s the spitting of acid that you feel and perceive as a bite. This spitting and sucking up allows bacteria to transfer from them to you and can cause infection.

That’s why it’s essential to keep flies out of the workplace.


If you have windows that open, your staff will want the fresh air during the warmer months. Unfortunately, an open window is an open invitation to a fly. To prevent them from getting into the office you should fit fly screens Sydney. This will allow the breeze n and protect the health of you and your staff.


Flies are attracted to waste. If your workplace tolerates consuming food at workstations then you’re making it difficult to clean all the crumbs away. No matter how small they will help to attract the flies.

You need to make sure all food waste is disposed of into sealed bins, all surfaces are properly wiped down, and, you may need to dictate food eating is only done in the staff restroom. This will make it easier to keep it clean and remove flies.

Fly Paper

These incredibly sticky roles of paper can be placed around the office where they won’t get walked into. They emit an aroma that is appealing to flies. Unfortunately, once the fly lands it becomes stuck to the paper and dies shortly after.

Vinegar & Soap

The aim is to keep flies out but if any do get in then this simple trap will kill them and give you an idea of how many are coming in.

Simply add an inch of apple cider vinegar into the bottom of a bowl along with a tablespoon of sugar. The sweetness will attract the flies. You’ll also need to add a few squirts of dish soap, fruit-scented is best.

The flies are attracted by the aroma but, once the flies land in the mix they will be unable to leave it or breathe properly, dying a few moments later. 

You can also adopt the same approach with a plastic bottle that effectively traps the flies as they die.

If you’ve tried the above and nothing appears to be working it’s time to call professional help. They’ll assess the situation for you and come up with a viable solution.

The best way to keep these flies out of your workplace is by maintaining a clean office with the help of commercial janitorial services. You may hire a janitorial services company that offers professional office cleaning in Philadelphia to ensure that your workplace is thoroughly cleaned.